The Generation Of Supermodels

Remember the days when super models ruled the world, remember when Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford were seen everywhere and remember when there were an elite list of gorgeous supermodels from around the world who ruled the nineties. Yes they emphasised the notion of how beautiful women ruled the world. Known as the original supermodels, they ruled the catwalks in the late 80’s/ early 90’s, dated the hottest men and kept our tongues wagging for ages.

However, as we enter into a new decade, a new world order is taking over. Here these girls are younger, skinnier, gorgeous and ambitious. Yes my friends there are new supermodels in town.  With long legs, fresh face and a flat stomach these girls are the muses to Karl Lagerfeld, popular with designers, inspire artists and magazines while being hailed among the best dressed list by editors like Anna Wintour. With this in my mind, here are my top five models you’ve got to watch out for…..

Karlie Kloss: hailing from Chicago Illinois this 18 year beauty originally didn’t want to be a model, but was won over with its glitz and glamour. She has skills in dance, cooking and adores ballet. Still attending school this girl judges a busy lifestyle as she hops from Paris fashion week straight to class while at the same time dreaming of going to medical school. This girl has been seen all over magazines such as Vogue, and Teen Vogue have given her a special feature. Having worked with Donna Karana, YSL and Dior, it can be made sure that her grace is goanna take her far.

Freja Beha: This girl is seen as the rebel in the bunch, as a lesbian she has been linked to many beautiful models with Abbey Lee Kershaw as one of those mentioned.  Twenty-two and from Denmark she presents a punk and grunge edge that I adore as it contrasts with her beautiful face. Gracing the runways of Valentino and Chanel countless times she is truly one of my favourites.

Chanel Iman: A combination of half African American, half Korean this 20 year old is simply beautiful. With an elegant face that is sweet and cute but also striking and different she has been seen everywhere throughout fashion week and is always seen in the pages of Vogue without fail.

Agyness Deyn:  Hailing from the UK this girl has worked with everyone and I do mean everyone from Addias and Uniqlo to Vogue and Burberry.  You know you’ve made it when a prestigious magazine like I.D dedicates a whole issue to you, but with her looks, charm, contacts and grace, this lady has taken the fashion world by storm.

Abbey Lee Kershaw:  Having gotten her big break after winning a modelling contest in 2004 she has since been exposed to many great things. With a love for movies and tattoos she has strutted her Austrian stuff for CK jeans, Gucci, Anna Sui and even Victoria’s Secret.

These ladies are only a small part of this huge force as there are more in their fun arm. I could literally name a list as long as my arm naming Georgia May Jagger, Jourdan Dunn and Karmen Pedaru to just name a few.

With today’s models, these beauties without a shadow of doubt live up to the standard and legacy that Cindy, Linda and Naomi left behind being sure to make them proud.