The Hi-Top

Isabel Marant Hi-TopsI have never been a fan of the trainer, and luckily it has never been considered ‘fashionable’ to wear them. In fact I dislike trainers so much it took me forever and a day to decide on a pair that I even remotely liked to wear to the gym. After my first wear, I decided I hated those too.


However now I find myself in a situation where I cannot get my head around the ever so popular hi-top. Although it has been around for a while now, it’s only ever so recently I’ve noticed that EVERYONE is wearing them.  Instantly put off by its trainer features, yet completely attracted to its secret height, which for a 5ft female like myself is something to jump for joy about, I am in two minds about this trend.


I can understand the attraction to a certain extent; the comfort, the secret heel and a great shoe for this British weather. They seem like the perfect style combining all the factors that we females seek whilst shoe shopping. But I must ask – why are we insisting on making a trend out of a shoe that lets be quite honest are a man’s forte? My personal difficulty in finding trainers ‘attractive’ is because I see them as footwear for males and I fail to see how they’re as equally enticing on a female.


Perhaps I should just blame Isabel Marant for her adaptation of the trainer into a stylish shoe. Yet having seen celebrities such as Beyonce, my style icon, Lana Del Rey and even Alexa Chung work the hi-top trend it is no wonder they are such a hit. They work well teamed with jeans, leggings and even dresses which make them such a versatile fashion statement piece. Even from my male opinion poll (I say this as though I surveyed 100 men; it was probably more around the number of 10!) they are all mostly in agreement that women wearing hi-tops is a big yes!


Maybe what I am trying to say is that the hi-top whilst cradling in its current glory is just not for me. Whilst I can appreciate it on others, the trend is one I am not very keen to dabble in, unless anyone can convince me otherwise…Anyone?!


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