The Jazz Age circa 2012

cloche hatI’m a hat-happy kind of a girl. With the first hint of a chill, I’m digging out my cosiest, warmest beanies and fedoras. I don’t believe you have to be a “hat person” to partake either. Discovering that first perfect style that frames the face beautifully and adds a subtle elusiveness is the secret weapon every good hat should have and this seasons must have may just be the one for you.

Before the fun and frivolity of the late 20s flapper dresses and chandelier like head pieces came the modest seduction of the floor length, modesty of the early twenties. The beginning of an era where a peek of ankle was practically promiscuous and the head candy; the cloche, the kind we have become accustomed to seeing on Downton Abbey as the ever popular series sauntered its way through to the roaring twenties; rather coincidently finds itself at the top of one of winter’s biggest accessories trends.

The cloche is a small, slim hat which thanks to its angled, asymmetrical sweep across the brim can potentially create a somewhat undesired flower-pot effect. Yet worn effectively by a delicate featured wearer, (think Victoria Beckham), can look extremely elegant and sophisticated, adding a great feature to a sharply tailored coat or suit to really complement that androgynous Twenties look.

But it wasn’t just Lady Crawley’s attire, or the eagerly anticipated Great Gatsby movie starring screen siren Carey Mulligan that has me in awe of the 20s revival. Heavily inspired by the English countryside this winter, Ralph Lauren delighted audiences by having his models saunter down the runway in traditional tweed cloches with contrasting menswear inspired suits. The soundtrack? Downton Abbey of course.

A parting tip: Don’t be too fashion conscious with this one. If you love the trend, try to find one with a less predictable shape, maybe in a less typical colour or a really luxurious fabric like cashmere. Among my favourites: Urban Outfitters feather Cloche Hat, UGG’s tan shearling hat (exceptionally warm, unexpected and long lasting), and definitely Topshop’s velvet bow cloche in oxblood (very Angelina Jolie in the Changeling and the colour is bang on trend!)