The Lady Is A Vamp

Ralph Lauren AW12All things dark and brooding continue to reign on the catwalks. But the season’s indulgences couldn’t be further away from the vampire teen franchise we have become accustomed to. These are not the reds we are accustomed to either. Burgundies, maroons and subdued ruby colours are autumn’s rebellion against a summer of coral and striking neon’s. Cue gothic, though nevertheless glamorous shades of red.


My personal aversion to maroon began my first fateful day of school where to my abject horror shapeless, polyester jumpers were paired with grey, equally ill-fitting trousers. On my final day, when everyone around me wept over their exam results and parting friendships, I made a solemn promise to myself; I will never under any circumstances, wear maroon again.   But I have reluctantly, (with courage and a serious amount of bronzer) accepted these new seasonal shades of deep muted claret and wine as a complement, and homage to autumn’s sumptuous passion for paisley and jacquard.


“After seasons of blinding bright hues and busy prints, fashion has turned a nouveau gothic corner. HIGH on gothic glamour and rich with suggestion (rebel, vixen, dominatrix…), glossy black leather offers a sleek take on autumn’s new decadent air,” described Lucy Hutchings.


Donna Karan AW12Ralph Lauren showcased their burgundy velvet suits whilst Donna Karan went down the monochrome route with a simple wine coloured dress and matching boots. Meanwhile on the high street country classics continue to flourish; corduroy jackets and jodhpurs, Fair Isle knits, versatile leather boots and warm knitwear complete with elbow patches. An even greater pairing sees this season’s dark and edgy winter florals mingle with the opulent shades. A slightly less feminine effort than summer’s darling buds and springtime bouquets but none the less appealing.


“Flocked fabrics and lace overlays added an air of ornateness, putting a fresh spin on the idea of flowers in winter. Think less prissy, more powerful.” Explained Lucinda Chambers, Vogue fashion director.


And powerful they are. Rich bordeaux and damson will fortify your winter staples whether in the form of gloves or tailoring. The menu? I’d like the wine list.


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