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Social networking has become increasingly popular particularly over the last 7 years; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, LinkedIn and even Myspace, we’ve all got personal profiles and use these sites either to connect with friends or document things that inspire us. In a world that is dominated by the digital age, it seems the best means of getting your ideas out there is to create your very own visual masterpiece, otherwise known as the Blog.


If you’re anything like myself you’re constantly browsing through fashion magazines scouting for inspiration. Magazines, mobile apps, newspapers, galleries, journals, books, websites; these are all fantastic resources for feeding our imaginations but now blogs are equally as insightful for inspiring us. With the likes of Topshop and Boohoo blogs, who make high street shopping even more appealing and ASOS, who have their own online magazine and their ‘Fashion Finder’ section showing us the latest trends, not only direct from the catwalks but street style also, and how we can achieve the hottest looks on a budget; all prove that you don’t have to be rich and famous to be at the cutting edge of style.


Anybody who is anybody has a blog, as they are an ideal means of communication for fashionistas and creatives alike. According to a recent article in February’s issue of Company magazine, “Style blogging in all its different forms has revolutionised the way we view fashion, the way we shop and the way we put outfits together.” It’s safe to say that what we wear can have a huge impact on others, influencing fresh ideas and modern takes on perhaps older fashion concepts. A blog is something anybody can create, but what you do need is a purpose for your ‘visual diary’, you should try and aim to keep your blog posts consistent wherever possible and need to be committed if you want success.


Creative media industries are by far some of the most difficult fields to break into career wise (believe me, I am aware of this) so what better way to give perspective employers access to your portfolio than having it at the click of a mouse, ready to demonstrate what skills you have. Gone are the days of merely putting pen to paper, with technology evolving all the time, digital is perceived to be the way forward, particularly when it comes to fashion and how we interpret new ideas.


Having a blog/online platform can boost both sales and brand recognition for major fashion brands. According to Larry Kramer of Business “…the fashion industry has embraced digital media and is basking in its new, more direct, “relationship” with its customers. It is using digital media to tell a much more interesting story about what it is offering, to take an enhanced version of its traditional “runway” presentation directly to the public, to all their customers to experiment with and customize their products and to learn what their customers are buying and aren’t buying, and why.”


And it doesn’t stop there, with endless competitions to encourage global talent and aid artistic flair, even blogger award ceremonies such as Company magazine’s ‘Who is Britain’s best style blogger?’ and Cosmo magazine’s ‘Blog awards 2011’ there will always be opportunities to gain recognition for all of the effort you put into your blogs, so keep up the good work and happy blogging!


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