The Party Season Countdown!


It’s mid-September. The last quarter of the year is almost upon us. October, November, December – my three favourite months for various reasons, including Christmas cheer, cosy hot drinks and of course, it’s party season.

I’ve already seen signs popping up outside restaurants around the Square Mile and online ads and emails have been flying around the internet yelling at everyone to book their Christmas party at their club/bar. But it’s not all about Christmas you know! What about Halloween? And Guy Fawke’s Night? And American Thanksgiving? And Canadian Thanksgiving?! (I’ll use any excuse for a party, no matter if I actually celebrate the occasion or not!)

For me, party season starts with friends’ birthdays in October. This year I will be flying home from a trip to Thailand on the very day that my party season starts on my bestie’s 25th. So I will land at Heathrow, make a mad dash home, throw on some clothes, spritz, spray, slap on some make up and be out the door, ready to dance off the jet lag!

It’s a month away, party season. The best time of the year! And that means it’s time to get planning. Check out the latest Autumn/Winter fashions. Get ahead of the game! From the dresses I’ve seen online, it’s all about a statement. Bold cut outs and bodycon. Dark vampish reds and bright blues contrasting with heavy black patterns. Leathers with metallic detailing. I’ve seen so many tailored and fitted dresses out there that any body shape could easily find an outfit on the highstreet to look good in. It’s also all about the accessories. If you’ve opted for a simple dress, jazz it up with a chunky necklace, bangles or statement earrings. You’ll be hot to trot! Luckily Halloween is the only time you don’t have to worry about the latest fashions. Just lose all your inhibitions and dress up like a banana! Or Where’s Wally. Or an Angry Bird. (Just a few ideas I’m throwing out there…)

The party prep isn’t all about what you’ll wear or what to do with your hair, it’s also about taking care of yourself. Don’t forget to eat healthily (try not to eat too many greasy fry ups the next morning!) and also keep yourself hydrated. There’s nothing worse for your wellbeing, skin, hair, eyes, everything, than dehydration.

And please for the love of God clean your face after a night out! Unless you want a face full of spots by the time it hits New Year’s Eve!