The Right Baggage

As we look to a new season of style, it’s important to remember that the men in your life and your winter wardrobe should always have one thing in common: the right baggage.


That’s right ladies; don’t be weighed down in the style stakes and instead take to the pavement and view the very best of what either end of the pay scale has to offer when you’re out shopping this season for your on-trend handbag. While researching this piece, it became apparent that most Autumn/Winter collections have given a respectful nod to this winter’s bright, colour block theme. And so, I’m happy to report, have their selection of bags.


In addition, one favoured design is the across body strap, and I have to say that for practical reasons I’m always glad to have my hands free when out and about, safe in the knowledge that my valuables are safe and where I can see them. One other surprising trend this year has been what would appear to be a WW2 tribute…the return of the satchel.


And actually, I’m rather happy about this, too.


ASOS have taken this year’s colour block theme and incorporated this into a beautiful genuine leather satchel in uplifting shades that are enough to brighten any miserable October day for just £75. Alternatively, ASOS are also offering this satchel style in orange for the bargain price of £25 which appears to be exceptionally great quality for the very affordable price tag. Equally as beautiful and inexpensive is this cobalt blue contrast handle across body bag also from ASOS for £15.


What I really liked about this selection by ASOS was the fact that they’re pretty, simple but stylish and with plenty of room for ladies with busy lives and who practically operate out of your handbags whilst running for the tube. Let’s not forget that as these cold winter nights draw in, there’s enough room in these bags to tuck away your various hats, scarves, gloves and umbrellas.


Moving on and to temporarily break away from our running satchel theme, I particularly loved this Kensington Quilted Mini across Body Bag in gold currently being sold for £189 online. Very nice indeed. However, returning once again to our satchels at the higher end of the pay scale, I really liked these from ‘Bayswater’ at I have to say that, typically, this was my favourite from my shopping excursion. In addition, this bag boats a conker shade ideal for you autumn shoppers. There was an option to buy either the larger satchel but I would personally opt for this Small Heritage Bayswater Satchel in Conker High Pebbled Matte currently sold at £825 on


So with this in mind, I hope that some of these bags will help you on your mission to browse the very best of what’s out there and good luck in bagging the perfect find this winter!