The Right Shade

Christian Dior SS 11When it comes to choosing the right pair of sunglasses you want to be a 100% right, especially if you are buying an expensive designer pair!

I found myself lost in a sea of different styles, colours and decorative designs at one point, unable to decide whether the tortoiseshell, cat eyes or clear blue suited me best. Almost having a panic attack I thought it best to research which pair of sunglasses would suit me or anyone best.

Choosing for the right face shape…


Oval FaceAlmost any style will suit this face shape, including the wraparound and shield styles. Square shaped frames or even gentle rounded edges with high temples will look amazing!


Round FaceYou should choose frames that help the face to appear longer and thinner, which are equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face. To add definition add soft, angular, rectangular or double-brow style frames, which will create a longer and more balanced profile.


Diamond FaceThis face shape has wide or high cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin. To show the face shape off to the best oval sunglasses will soften the contour of the face. Soft curved square frames also work just as well, but make sure that styles are no wider than the top of your cheekbones.


Square FaceA strong jawline, broad forehead and wide cheekbones dominate this face shape. To help reduce the angles choose a frame that is soft and curvy in style, which will give the face shape more definition. Classic ovals or cat eyes will look the best on you!


Oblong FaceSunglasses that do not extend beyond the widest part of the face will help to widen and shorten the face shape. Round or square shapes will look great on this face shape, and decorative or contrasting temples can add width to the face.


Heart FaceThis face has a narrow jaw and wide forehead. To soften the lower portion of the face, accentuate the eye area. Styles such as cat eyes can help to create outward angles.


Choosing for the right complexion…


Pale/Fair ComplexionsOpt for lightweight frames or ones with a subtle hint of colour like rose or amber. Tortoiseshell will suit fair complexions but avoid clear, blue or green colours.


Medium ComplexionsThese include olive, Mediterranean, golden or Asian skin with dark hair. Silver, gold or clear frames and anything bold will be amazing against this complexion, but be careful with black as it sometimes can appear to be too heavy.


Dark ComplexionsEvery metallic and bold, electrifying colour will look amazing against darker complexions, and will pop out! Do not be afraid to go as bright as the yellow sun or as red as an apple!


Choosing for the right hair style…


Loose Curls - Delicate shapes and translucent colours.


SunglassesTight CurlsFrames that follow the hairline, such as classic small frames.


Medium LengthGeometric shapes and round frames.


Very ShortBold colours and designs with decorative styles.


Long HairAviator styles will look glamorous with hair either up or down.

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