The Rise of the Sequin

Sequin dress - LipsyAs yet another Autumn/Winter season commences with it comes the obligatory scattering of sequins. It seems as though every year, without fail, sequins are deemed to ‘eventually’ be in fashion, the implication being that the embellishment has only just shed its tacky association of the 80’s and 90’s. Yet, in actuality, it is for at least five years that sequins have stood steadfast as a well established and credible party season staple. Their popularity is nothing new and need no longer be justified. It needs to be made official that sequins have fought off their poor reputation of the past and earned a deserved place in the hearts of our wardrobes.


Yes, this regurgitation of sequin adorned items year after year allows for new and exciting developments in the way we wear them. As mentioned, sequins are no longer tacky, nor are they childish or garish. Sequins can be worn on almost any item, to differing effects. Yet, the beauty of the embellishment is no matter how you wear it the effect can always be relied upon: Sequins add sparkle, confidence and a feminine touch to an outfit. An instant party update guaranteed to get you noticed and make a strong statement.


Sequin Bag Print T-Shirt - John LewisIt doesn’t stop there. The rise of the sequin in popularity and these various developments show no signs of faltering. Indeed this year it seems their scope is more than ever before. Sequins are now so well accepted within our psyche that they have become a viable option for daytime- bronze and matte variations in tone are ideal for older women and those looking to add toned down sophistication. Sequinned t-shirts, many simply with shoulder embellishment, have a similar appeal – versatile and perfectly appropriate for day time.


There is also a recent upsurge in a more creative use of sequins. Small details, such as jacket lapels and pockets add an edge to otherwise basic items. A ‘print’ on a top (a la Mui Mui’s bird dress) again gives an added extra twist to a garment.  A particularly fresh take for 2011 is the much anticipated fish scale sequin. Headlined by Prada and set to be the ultimate party piece for Christmas season this year.


So, with that out of the way it can be common agreement that sequins ARE reputable, fashionable, and perfect for you. Whatever fashion statement you aim for – it can be said with a bit of sparkle. Magpies – covet shamelessly, sequins are not going anywhere.


By Jessica Bowman