The standard trench is not so standard anymore…

Burberry - trenchIf you haven’t seen it, you should immediately Google it. And no, I’m not talking about Beyonce’s Superbowl performance again (oh-em-gee how good was it?) This time, I’m talking about trench coats, and lots of them. Yes I know, someone says trench coat and you immediately want to shout, ‘Sherlock!’ Or ‘Romeo Beckham!’ In my case, it’s the latter, Romeo Beckham, but moreso the coat he’s wearing in that ad rather than the boy himself.

I’m talking about Burberry. Anyway have you seen how eye-wateringly and jealousy-raging-lovely Burberry’s trench coats are?

It isn’t really about the trench coats themselves that I’m raving about; we all know they come into fashion every spring, light jackets in the warming weather, see-you-later fur (cries). It’s the material and shades that I’m talking about. Bye-bye the standard camel, beige, cream or whatever you want to call it. Bye-bye to the image of a spy sitting on a bench and hiding behind an open newspaper. That is what trench coats used to be about. Now, however, they have evolved.

The colours for Burberry’s women TC are metallic; purple, red, green, blue, pink. They are not the metallic colour like a car or an 80s bomber jacket, they are classy, suave colours that ooze sophistication (for £1,500 mind you, I’d expect nothing less).

They give a futuristic yet classical look to a coat that is very simple; all basic ‘no frills’ but well, these ones have frills, in the form of luxurious panelling to create a flattering feminine silhouette.

If the metallic ones don’t tickle your fancy or dazzle your eyesight, maybe the peacock feathered Burberry trench’s do. These have a vintage look, but not a second-hand-student look of vintage. The vintage that covers these, are the vintage that would be associated with something belonging to the Queen, or an old rich aunt; an item that is bespoke, grand and ever-so-posh. Some of this trench has been made by couture techniques with its hand placed rosettes. Therefore, you can understand the price, at £22,000.

But, instead of clicking off the catwalk show and feeling all down in the dumps about not being a Beckham or a rich hunni, let it inspire you to branch out from the standard trench into something a little bit more wow.

Who say’s trench coats have to be casual? These days you can buy them with detailing shoulders, leather panels and even different lengths. Burberry has evolved the lovely trench, but now it’s time for the rest of us to do some spy work and suss out our own affordable coats with the differentiation and wow-factor that Burberry has.

Have a look for metallics on the High Street, but not just silver and gold. Opt for blues, reds, purples, greens, to bring an extra wow-factor into your breezy spring.

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