The Wonderful World of ‘Handbags’

The Cambridge Satchel“WHY is it that as soon as something sells out it becomes even more desirable?” – Lauren Milligan.


This statement sums up handbags in its entirety along with many people’s desires towards them. Known as the greatest accessory of all time, handbags don’t just mean a lot to us fashionistas but hold a special place in all our hearts.


They stand the test of time and when you get that perfect bag it is sure to stay with you a very, very long time. A perfect example of a priceless bag is the everlastingly beautiful Chanel 2.55. Though pricing at around £1500, it’s still a dream purchase for many including me as we all hope to own a part of Coco Chanel’s winning masterpiece.


Handbags can conjure up a range of emotions, action and feelings but in a sense have many personalities of their own. Ranging from £5 to £5,000 pounds, though bags may change their prices they always, however, aim to make you “Feel Fabulous with Handbags”.


Regardless of your style whether you are into fashion or not, everyone uses a big for everything- shopping, daily routines, work or moving. There are a wide Varity of bags all over the world and let me tell you that there is a bag for everyone and I do mean everyone.  Women, men, boy or girl, bags are truly mankind’s best friend.


It seems like every country has helped produce the wonderful world of bags, with Nepal’s hippy ethnic products, India’s artistic designs to England’s traditional and classic satchels as well as Americas cool retro bags and backpacks that were seen on the backs and shoulders of every teenager through the decades.


ASOS Multi Check BackpackSatchels: These epitomize vintage and go great teamed with a blazer and some jazzy shoes. Excellent ones can be found in ASOS, or Topshop but one that is on everyone’s mind is by Mulberry and their countless beautiful satchels in many shapes and colours. Mulberry’s satchels for men have been seen to be the favourite of many fashionistas such as Britain’s own Alexa Chung.


Backpacks: Big, small, leather or cotton….. Whenever I think backpacks it immediately reminds me of the great 90s and Clueless where small backpacks were seen everywhere, even though I always questioned whether they could fit anything in their tiny backpacks.


Retro bags: Usually seen in bright colours or with a vintage brown shade, these really come with a cool style and go perfect with jeans.  From Topshop to River Island they can be worn by boys and girls, these can be found anywhere and are sold at various markets and online shops with unique designs and cartoon animations.


Clutches: best suited for evening or party wear, though small in size clutches are a very powerful fashion piece. Known to add that perfect touch to your already sultry outfit, clutches when warped by perfect manicured  nails are stylish and  be sure to try Wallis, Coast, Zara and Karen Millen as well as the nation’s favourite Selfridges.


Chanel 2.55Designer Bags: Also translated into bags that stand the test of time such as the forever classic Chanel 2.55 and the Bayswater bag, these lovelies can usually be seen in the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle magazine. Celebrities all over such as Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian are always seen with a Chanel bag in their hand and who can blame them for loving it. Many girls have either inherited these bags from their fashion loving families or bought these expensive beauties with their hard earned money. Either way with great craftsmanship these bags, briefcases, clutches or satchels can last for generations and never go out of style.


No matter what bag, no matter what size, shape or colour, handbags are truly a timeless fashion piece that will always accompany your wardrobe and your style forever.