Think Mud. Think Sweat. Think Style.

Lady Gaga once said that, “Festivals are all about suffering for your love of music,” and that’s often true of the sanitary conditions. However, let the same NOT be said, of course, of your style.


There’s a mixture of eclectic and inspirational looks to choose from this year for your festival scene, so wherever you’re headed this summer, treat that farmers field like your own personal runway and come away with memories to never mention again but photos to showcase.


The best way to do the latter, come rain or shine, is to keep it real, relaxed and always hip.


Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up, no pun intended. First there’s the issue of footwear. If the weather’s good -pah! –  I imagine you’d probably want to go in that well worn-in pair of converse that you always seem to end up in or a pair of trusty Gladiator sandals that go with everything.


I had a shop around for some Gladiators at either end of the pay scale, and I’ve found a pair that is reasonably priced in New Look that’ll be light enough to slip into your things along with the obligatory bog roll.


If you’re buying footwear such as this with a festival in mind, I’d leave the Kurt Geiger’s at home, for the simple reason that you don’t want them to get ruined or lost in an impromptu crowd-surf.


In addition, the one thing that you can all probably count on in what we all laughingly refer to as British summertime, is the need for wellington boots. I managed to find a pair – in Argos of all places – that I thought were truly spectacular and definitely an ice-breaker when meeting other festival-goers. That’s what I love about wellys, they’re allowed to totally clash with the rest of your festival get-up and you really feel free to go a bit mental and literally get away with fashion murder!











The next stage is pants. No, really. I’d love to go with the All American trend and I see denim, lots of denim and cut-offs at that! I found a pair of denim American style shorts by Republic’s Soul Cal range that scream simple sexiness when paired with tanned limbs.












Or alternatively, combine two uber on-trend looks this summer with a particular garment that River Island loves (and I do too) in this Floral Butterfly maxi skirt. There’s something so floaty and feminine and cutting edge about this skirt that’s bound to get you noticed whilst feeling cool and comfortable, which lets face it, is essential at a festival when supping an ice cold beer in the sun.











Team with a gorgeous but simple cami or plain white tee and why not combine high street with designer with this  Royal Wedding themed white Tee by Ted Baker et voi la! A festival goddess is born!


These two looks were sported by actresses Nina Dobrev and Diane Kruger when they were snapped together kicking back with friends at the Coachella Music Festival back in April.


Now for accessories! Oh yes, the one thing I recommend you take above ALL else is a hat, and the style which seems to be our festival saviour this year is an oversized straw creation reminiscent of 70’s hobo which has made a well deserved comeback.







I really like this bad boy by ASOS or a pretty head scarf such as this also from ASOS. Hats are amazing and also really useful when one does not have occasion to shower because at the end of the beer-drenched day there’s only so much dry shampoo one head of hair can take.










There’s also some great jewellery which has been revisited in some tribal styles. Also, if anyone happens to be in and around Liverpool, there’s a great place on Bold Street right in the city centre called Shared Earth (or alternatively shop online) that I love for jewellery that’s more often than not hand made in India and really reasonable to buy. In doing this, you’ll also be supporting fair trade which I have found makes me walk out of the gorgeous little shop with my purchases feeling great.


Happy shopping, LoveScene readers and remember, for your festival attire this year, think mud, think sweat, think style, think LoveScene.