Too Old To Wear A Duffel Coat?

Duffle coat AW 11-12Marmalade sandwiches and a penchant for hanging around train stations isn’t the only thing I have in common with Paddington Bear.  I also love a good duffel coat.  But is there a time when you should leave the preferred outter attire of cartoon characters to the kids and look for something a bit more grown up?


I’m all about the geek chic – thick rimmed glasses, comfy jumpers and a good pair of brogues.  The cherry on top of this look has always been a sturdy, hooded duffel coat and this season there are multitudes on the high street to choose from.


But as I hurtle towards 30 I cant help but wonder if I look more “geek” than “chic”.


Its time for a pros and cons list (*love* a good pro/con list)


Pros – very warm, secure, pockets big enough for a book, hood, instant cool feeling.


Cons – look 12, look like a cartoon bear or Jonathan Creek.


The thought that we live in a world where my choice of coat will result in negative judgements about my personality is a sad one.  But I can already hear the whispers in the street “who does she think she is? A SIXTH FORMER?!” I never have been, nor never will be a sixth former and my coat is making me feel a fraud.  I also can’t solve magic and illusion-based crimes. I can, however, do a mean Bear Stare.


I am wasting far too many hours of each day searching for a peg with my name on and a picture of pink ballet shoes beside it to hang my coat and bag up on at work.


As practical and unfailingly cool as they are, I fear it is time to find that peg for the final time, and walk slowly away from the duffel coat era of my life.


This year I fear I may have to trawl the rails thinking “what would Audrey wear?” rather than “what would Paddington wear?” Sometimes being a grown up is rubbish.