Top 10 Hairstyles For Spring/Summer 2011

Moschino SS11Summer is a time for relaxing in the park, the beer garden and at barbeques and it’s a time for partying late into the summer night.  What you do with your hair adds statement to your outfit.


Sometimes it’s so hot you want something effortless or you just want it off your neck and back to keep you cool.  When it comes to the evening though, and you’re excited about the reduced rainfall (if you live in Manchester :-) ) sometimes you just want to look like you stepped off the runway.


Well here are our Top 10 Hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2011 as inspired by the catwalks:


10. Long, Free & Flowing

Free-flowing, long hair with a slight waviness looks very natural and effortless.  If your hair has a kink to it this is your easiest style.  For those who need to create some of that “natural” the GHD stylers can help.  Failing that, create very loose plait when your hair is wet or damp and let the waves set in.


9. Relaxed Tie Back

For those who have frizzy hair that goes a little crazy in humidity pull your hair back without a parting into a loose pony tail or bun.  Tie it at the middle to lower back portion of your head.  With a slight looseness and wispiness this looks very carefree and summery and yet will keep you cool.  This would suit a flowing maxi dress and shades.


Messy up do8. The Scruffy Up-Do

You may remember this look from Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection at Paris Fashion Week.  The easiest way to describe it is a cylinder shaped Walnut Whip (the chocolate treat).  It’s basically a bun in the centre with wispy, messy strips of hair surrounding it as its outer layer.  Worn high up right on the centre of the top of your head, it has that Amy Winehouse vibe without looking dirty.  We guess you could say… it’s so Vivienne Westwood… funky, edgy and bit gothic.


7. Long with side parting

Long, virtually straight, flowing hair with a side parting.  The side parting gives it a touch more structure and will better suit accessories like a flower on one side by your ear.


6. Rapunzel

Similar to the above but with summery waves in the hair instead of a virtually straightened mane.


Roberto Cavalli SS115. Sexy Doll

This is one of those hairstyles that either makes you look very plain Jane or so very sexy!  Extremely long, poker straight hair.  You will need to glam it up with a decent amount of make-up so that you don’t look like the old very, plain, boring, Gwyneth Paltrow.  Of course she looks much better now and part of that is a little more vibrancy in her face with more make-up.


4. Modern-Vintage Chic

You may have seen this look at the Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2011 show at New York Fashion Week.  It’s a demure, sophisticated look that will look better if you look at least 25 years old.  Twisted pieces of hair, preferably to one side of the face tied up on the top of the head.  This will give you and your outfit a vintage chic but yet looks modern too.  Hairstyles like these are great because even if you do a bad job of the twisting, or it’s a bit more lop-sided than you’d intended, no-one will know!  You just pretend it was meant to be that kooky and your friends will think, “That’s a bit of a different up-do.”


Louis Vuitton SS113. Sleek 50s

Think back to the 1950s (and 40s) or think Dita Von Teese.  Sleekly tied back hair with a sweeping fringe (or thick strand of hair) to one side that’s then tied back behind the ear.  Can look a bit like a fascinator.  That downwards curve of hair on one side of the face is very elegant and adds a slight edge.  If you teamed this with a cigarette holder you really would look like an aristocrat.


2. 60s High Bun

By high we mean a bun right in the middle on the top of your head and towering high.  This look is very grand and worn by confident people.  It’s very elegant and gives you height.  Similar to the beehive it’s a more symmetrical and cylindrical shape than the askew look of a beehive but beehives will still make a splash this summer.  This high bun is very Moschino Spring/Summer 11.


Gucci SS111. Sexy Screen Siren

The ultimate sleek look for this season is the one you’ll have seen during Gucci’s Spring/Summer 11 Collection at Milan Fashion Week and in some of their editorial shots.  Consisting of slapped down, shiny short hair tied back with a sharp, low side parting and no fringe.  It is sheer elegance.  It focuses the eyes on the face and creates a sexy, high class look.  This style can be worn in the day or in the evening, both carrying a different vibe.  The shinier and sleeker you can make it, and the closer to your head you can slap the hair down, the more seductive and sophisticated you will look.


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