Top Ten Best Dressed Celebrity Men 2010

After seeing the list for Vogue, I have to sadly admit, I was quite dismayed. Although I agreed with some of the names, I found myself poking an angry index finger at my laptop screen, thinking to myself ‘how?’. Glamour also had the usual choices, which every year does not come as a surprise.

In 2010 we have seen some new and old faces of the celebrity world of men don the lists of best dressed from Robert Pattinson, Chace Crawford, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt to little Romeo Beckham. There are some familiar and not so familiar names being forgotten and before this year is out, I thought to myself, it is my aim to get these men recognized. We always remember what the ladies are wearing, and never forget to mention what dress they were in or what shoes they wore to the last event, but what about the men?

Well, after much thought and agonizing over many pictures of celebrity men, which was purely for professional reason I would have you know, I have made a list of the top ten… let the countdown begin.

10) Colin Firth He wears a suit perfectly, representing that English gentleman very well indeed, in Tom Ford’s A Single Man, he oozed style.

9) James Franco He is fronting the new Gucci aftershave campaign, I think that says it all.

8 ) Ian Somerhalder The best looking vampire going and best dressed, currently setting hearts racing in Vampire Diaries.

7) Mark Ronson Always clean cut, mixes suits with jeans so well that I want to join him in on the act!

6) Kid Cudi Mixes T-shirts, trainers with knits and bow ties, with those chunky ‘geek sheek’ glasses, a refreshed take on urban wear.

5) Drake He’s made an impact on the music industry but how about his style? He looks fine cut in a suit and also looks just as fine when he wears those baggy pants a la New York style.

4) Justin Timberlake He has come such a long way since N-Sync, one of the best examples of how a guy should wear a suit and play around with accessories such as hats, glasses and ties.

3) Pharrell Williams (right) A fashion designer in his own right, his labels being Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Clothing, Pharrell knows how to work those bow ties and mix Louis Vuitton with Urban.

2) Ed Westwick He plays the male fashion icon Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, he can work a suit and cravate, yet he easily pulls of that rock n roll look, without even trying.

1) Barack Obama He is first man in the presidency and also in best dressed, he is never out of a suit and bad dress days are something this man will never know.

Well, mission completed, until next year…