Top Ten Tips For Natural Flawless Skin

flawless skinMost men and women either enjoy flawless skin or desire it. How you look on the outside can really help how you feel on the inside. However, what you do to your insides massively affects how you look on the outside!  Here are our top ten tips (in no particular order) for you to achieve naturally flawless skin.


1. Drink plenty of water

The best cure is prevention.  By managing what you put in your body you will assist the outcome of glowing, clear skin.  Water hydrates your skin (after all two thirds of our bodies are made up of water) and water flushes out toxins from inside our  body preventing them from seeping out of our skin.


2. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables

Some of what goes in, must come out.  Sometimes the avenue your body will use to excrete undesired toxins is your skin, hence, some acne breakouts.  By eating food that is greasy or spicy will affect some more than others.   One sure fire way to counteract the effects of such foods is to ensure you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Organic produce is best, as they contain more of their natural vitamins and minerals.  If you are going to cook your vegetables, you will know when you’ve completely killed off  the nutrients if the vegetables are completely soft.  The more crunchy the vegetable, the more nutrients within. Therefore, preparation methods such as stir-frying can be great because although you heat and cook the vegetables you still retain some of their nutritional value.

3. Use natural produce for facial treatments

If you consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables you will be in good stead for making your own facial treatments.  Whether you cover your face with olive oil whilst you take a relaxing soak or cover your face in a home made face mask consisting of natural produce.  For example, if you eat an avocado for lunch the left-over fruit attached to the peel can be scraped off, mixed with honey, and applied to the face.  Tomatoes applied to the face can be great as a natural skin toner.  A milk, honey and lemon mask can be great for greasy acne prone skin as the lemon is a natural cleanser and the honey is a natural antiseptic whilst the milk will moisturise tired skin.


4. Exercise regularly

Exercising assists your body to flush out toxins via perspiration as well as by relaxing you mentally.  As acne can sometimes be attributed to stress, the release of endorphins in the brain as a result of exercise will naturally relax you, thus eliminating a possible cause of your acne and/or tired looking skin.

acne removal5. Take care when cleaning black or white heads

Don’t pick at acne spots unless they are really ready to be cleansed and even then use a sterile pin to prick open the white head first. By so doing you will apply less forced pressure to the skin around the spot when cleaning which will reduce the resultant scarring. Where possible always perform this after a shower/bath as your pores will be much more open and less force will be required to clean the skin and will, therefore, also reduce scarring.

6. Don’t touch your face

It’s easy to get stuck into this bad habit so you just have to force yourself to snap out of it.  When you touch your face you spread germs, grease and general dirt around.  Whether you are contaminating the rest of your skin with the bacteria from existing spots, or adding grease from the crisps you just ate or the dirt accrued on your palms from the environment since the last time you washed your hands.  Contamination central.  ”Just stop it!”  That’s what I often have to tell myself.  The funny thing is it can be quite subconscious to play with your face so make it conscious and keep your hands in check.

7. Wash your face morning and night

Wash your face before going to bed and when you awake in the morning to remove the grease, dirt and bacteria from the day and those that the skin excretes whilst you are sleeping.  Even if you don’t wear make-up this is still very important.  Beware to use a product that isn’t too harsh for daily use.  Everyone is different so trial and error is best until you find the best one for your skin.

chemical peel

8. Don’t use invasive treatments

How anyone can think it is safe and advisable to use an invasive treatment that initially leaves you looking badly burned or beaten is

beyond comprehension.  A prime example of this is chemical peels.  Chemical peels leave the patient so wretched and sore afterwards that if this isn’t the body’s way of saying “No!  This is so bad for you!” then God knows what is.  Surely you should look radiant and glowing, not sunburnt and grated.  It’s incredibly scary the gambles some men and women are willing to take.

9. Take time out to relax

As already mentioned, stress can be a cause of less than flawless skin.  Take time out to exercise to de-stress, meditate, pamper yourself with a soak in the bath to candles, relaxing music or whatever floats your boat, and strive for happiness in your career and personal life.  One way or the other the internal psychological factors will affect the external picture.

10. Use a good moisturiser

Good does not necessarily mean expensive.  Some will argue the best products for us are the ones with the least chemicals.  Creams like E45 and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, or natural products like olive oil and almond oil.  Be sure to use one that suits your skin type and again this can be a case of using trial and error.  Applying the moisturiser at night and in the morning after cleansing the skin is best.  This allows the skin to absorb the moisturiser whilst the body is resting in its sleep state and helps protect the skin from the harsh environmental factors such as wind and cold air.  A moisturiser with sun screen is also advisable, whether summer or winter, particularly for those with lighter skin tones.