Trend Alert: Bustier Corset Style Tops

cropped corset topUnderwear worn as outer garments are fast becoming very popular in the clubs and party circuits around the city. Celebrity rock chick Taylor Momsen loves this look and can be seen rocking this on a daily basis even though she does face her share of criticisms because of it, but it does take a lot to pull this look off.


One certain type of underwear garment that is making airwaves is the bustier corset style tops and this, I must say is very nice, in fact I adore them. I’m starting to see bustier corset style tops everywhere even with Elle magazine doing a piece on it this week. They’re sophisticated, sexy and stylish but these, however, aren’t like actual underwear but are instead different with a chic twist.


These sexy little beauties were seen appearing early may, around the same time crop tops were making a comeback for summer. However, with autumn and winter here the bustier corset tops are back with a new twist. With more of a structure and base towards its build, they can be worn underneath a loose top, vest or a classic white shirt for even more of a subtle sex appeal. With these you really want to avoid looking slutty so a light bit of makeup would be nice with delicate soft hair with a messy angle. Great for a night out, these can never go wrong with trousers with a pick of skinnies or baggy trousers, harmen trousers being my favourite. Nevertheless in this weather please remember to keep a jacket handy.


Bustier style tops are sold in Topshop, Miss Selfridges and River Island with these guys being my best pick of a good bustier for your money. These don’t come cheap but are worth it ranging around £20. Coming in all colours and textures, these little beauties appear in a vast choice of either waist corset or crop bustier. My personal favourite are the baby pink lace ones that can be found in Topshop.


However ladies, you must not follow this trend blindly, though what is even more important is that you must and I repeat must know how to wear it and pull it off in a certain way as there is a difference between looking stylish and sexy to looking slutty and trampy. This item is one that you can have loads of fun with especially with the upcoming party season, so go out try some on and have fun but remember to keep that jacket handy on a night out, you don’t want to catch a cold while looking that good and chic.