Trick or Treat?

McQueen - AW 07Autumn: Definately my favourite time of year. A lot of excitement can be found in the autumnal season: tumbling leaves, cosy cover-up fashions and the need to go the extra mile while you grab that cinnamon latte in the morning. Not as stifling hot as summer or as bitter cold as winter, autumn has an essence about it which is a fine blend of the two.


Perhaps one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the popular American tradition, Halloween. Growing up, treacle toffee, toffee apples, carving out pumpkins and dressing up in a bin bag were the things I looked forward to the most about this spooky holiday, but now my biggest excitement lends itself to Halloween-esque fashions and how we finally have an excuse to vamp up our wardrobes, sparing no expense.


For me inspiration can be found almost anywhere but there’s no doubting that A/W 11 fashion has a high level of scope and variety especially when thinking about Halloween attire. By all means you can play around with fancy dress if you want to be traditional but there’s also a whole range of seasonal style out there just waiting to be explored…


As visual inspiration for modern Halloween fashion think: Morticia Addams, tattoo parlours, Marilyn Manson, Alexander McQueen’s A/W 07 ready-to-wear collection, Japanese horror movies and Lolita trends, heavy luxurious fabrics concentrating on textures and opulence, theatrical make-up with tones of crimson red, pungent purple, smokey grey, beetle black, mystical blue and ice white.


On the catwalks the gothic trend is out in full force with a strong emphasis on ‘black is back’. A more contemporary take on gothic is the use of textures we are now seeing in so many designers’ collections; a feast of fabrics such as leather, lace, velvet, taffeta, satin, tulle, silk and cashmere hold the key to this season’s luxe-layered look. I love how versatile the gothic trend is and how designers interpret it in their own unique manner.


Note the rock’n’roll casual twist from Dummyhead Depaysemen where the designer keeps the colour palette muted but adds structured details like buckles, straps, chains and draping pockets into the mix. Also, looking at glam-goth underground fashion which works lady-like charm into an otherwise harsher trend, the focus is on second-skin leather spandex worn with heavy metal jewellery and biker-chic strappy stilettos: Topshop have everything you could desire to update your inner-biker side.


Gothic trends are constantly reinventing themselves and through the decades have gone from Victorian and slightly O.T.T. to chic and tasteful. That’s the beauty here, you can choose a high-glamour vamp look by dressing for dramatic effect or try keeping things subtle if goth is not necessarily your cup of tea. All you need to incorporate into your Halloween styling is some midnight hues, cobweb detailing, crucifix accessories, skyscraper stilettos and the rest will take care of itself.


So wicked wonders in clothing, footwear, accessories and make-up are all you need to be one step ahead of the style stakes this Halloween.