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Team GB2 T-Shirt - £17.99, LoveScene StoreIt appears that although the closing ceremony for the Olympics certified that London 2012 is nearly over, there is still a hype surrounding the legendary sporting event, and this has nothing to do with the Paralympics beginning next week.


Team GB gear has taken the sports fanatic world by storm with merchandise being sold in all areas of the country not just in the capital. However, the most surprising item that has been an international hit is…


the swimming trunks.


Let me fill you in. Last week, I spent the day in London visiting family, and was given a task from my aunty. My uncle living in Italy wanted some Team GB swimming trunks and they were sold out everywhere online.


Adidas Team GB Swimming Trunks - John LewisTraipsing down Oxford Street, we went into the official Team GB shop in John Lewis; practically an entire floor dedicated to the greatest sporting team in the Olympics (little biased) and also into the ADIDAS store near Oxford Circus. Both trips   confirmed that these little £22 pieces of water-wear were sold out, in every size but 38; clearly those of a larger size are not interested in trunks the design of Speedos, thank god. I am sure many would not appreciate grown men wearing the tiniest shorts ever designed, unless of course, you are Tom Daley. Yes, Tom Daley, if you are reading this, can you teach me how to dive, wearing your very very tight trunks.


But, my main point of this is not to describe sexy men soaking wet in swimming gear, unfortunately-sigh- it is in fact, to inform you about this particular part of the Team GB merchanise.


These trunks are in demand that much, that on Ebay, they are going for over triple their original retail price! £61! For the smallest amount of material ever! The material in the smallest size is probably about the size of my foot, and let me clarify, I don’t have massive feet!


So, why have people being going crazy for this part of the Team GB attire?


Most people have connotations of trunks being worn by older men who have been brought up on underwear briefs don’t they; remember that sorry photo of Rod Stewart  recently wearing trunks? Oh dear.


Older men like Mr Bean, the Y-Front Type, as I call them.


But now, thanks to the fit swimmers of London 2012, men of all ages are purchasing these tiny trunks. Whether wearing them at the local pool, on a beach abroad or just posing in the mirror in front of their girlfriend, surely this surge of demand for this particular product can only be a good thing? Especially if some of them have bodies like Mr Daley. It’s no wonder that there are more women going swimming. I’ll see you at the pool.


Team GB Adidas swimming trunks are in demand, so much so, that they have sold out, everywhere.


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