Union Jacked

River Island Union Jack Wire Wrap Head Band - £6.00, ASOSSo apparently, this year, it’s all about being British. And it’s not just the retired royal-lovers and school children who were celebrating the Queen’s diamond reign last weekend, but also fashion!


Yes, bye-bye decade-themed trends, bye-bye denim, bye-bye florals, this spring/summer, there is something a lot closer to home… get it?


Okay, so that was terrible. But yes, not only will your houses be decorated in red, white and blue, but also any fashionista who likes this patriotic trend.


From dresses to leggings, there will be be perfect opportunity for you to support our Lizzy in wearing our famous Great Britain colours.


Although we will all look like Union Jack’s estranged children, whoever he might be, these three colours go together better than fish chips and mushy peas; and this is not the first time they have been dished up together.


Red, white and blue are three colours with connotations of sailors, sea and very sexy men. The nautical trend is a guaranteed summer hit, every year.  Anchor detailing, gold buttons and stripes, are popular for those holiday outfits. This year, however, sailors have been replaced by the royals; gutted, although don’t worry girls, Prince Harry is up for grabs.


Club L Union Jack Jumper - £22.00, ASOS

You have probably seen it, Queen masks on mannequins, union jack handbags, Kate Middleton-esque dresses and kitsch British homewares.


This is the time where you can get away with wearing anything of these clashingly bright colours, because hey, it’s for ar’ queenie.


I opted for the very classic, plastic, Union Jack bowler hat; like a patriotic Charlie Chaplin. Could I have worn this any other time? Would I have been seen dead in this hat before the Queen had reigned for 60 years? Almost definitely not, and I had a slight obsession with these three colours a few years ago.  Let me fill you in. In the first year of college, I bought an ASOS Union Jack chained handbag, inspired by the Chanel handbag worn by Agyness Deyn. Not only this, but I had a Union Jack broach, which I placed perfectly on my red mac coat. This caused a boy I was on a date with once, to state, “God, that’s a bit on top, isn’t it?” ‘On top’ is a slang term for ‘excessive,’ in my borough of Manchester. So yes, apparently my love for these three colours was excessive. But on the bank holiday weekend, did anyone say I was anything other than supporting our queen and our country? Nope.


And I was not the only one; my dad came home with a curly-haired wig of the GB colours, I saw gals with Union Jack lips and a massive group of red, white and blue dressed people riding a vintage bus through the centre of Manchester.


I didn’t assume they were mental, drunk or part of a hen do; I assumed they were GB Patriots, out on the tiles and ready to celebrate.