Unique Tips To Show Off Your Eyes

beautiful eyesThe internet is filled to the brim with fashion advice on everything from which shoes to wear with the season, to trendy outerwear, to how best to pluck your eyebrows for a stunning look (okay, that last one’s a bit specific but it’s probably out there in more places than one!). Indeed, they say fashion is never-ending, and the internet – and fashion magazines, for that matter – back up the claim with constant advice and tweaks on style.

But let’s be honest: among all of the style tips and fashion advice out there, one thing’s more important for a woman’s look than anything else – the eyes. We’re always hearing about ways to set off the eyes, to make them “pop” or “shine,” or inapt some other exciting word, and why not? Our irises are like natural jewels sparkling in the middle of our faces, and showing them off is one of the quickest routes to stunning beauty. So with that in mind, here are some fun ways to really set your eyes off, going a bit beyond matching the colour of your shirt, or wearing eyeliner.

Wear Bold Frame Glasses

Um, what? We’re used to hearing that glasses can hide the beauty of our eyes. Some will even opt for contact lenses purely for the sake of “freeing” their eyes from glasses. But the truth is, modern glasses – the trendy sort, with bold, dark frames – actually serve to accentuate our eyes in fairly clear ways. Warby Parker is one source for bold, thick frames that can really do just that – frame – and show off the natural beauty of your eyes beneath them.

Try Special Contact Lenses

We mentioned contacts already, and while glasses can accent your eyes, contacts can do the same. At Acuvue, you can read up on some specific lenses (called “Define”) that are actually designed to help your eyes to show off their natural colour and beauty. Sure, coloured contacts are popular options when fashion comes into play, but as we said, eyes are like jewels – so show them off with pride! The right contacts can bring out the colour and brightness of your eyes the way a matched shirt never quite could.

Wear A Facemask

Is this ridiculous? Sure it is! But is it bold in a way that’s almost trendy? You betcha. We’re in the age of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry, and that means taking bold, gaudy risks with fashion is not only okay, it’s embraced and celebrated! Of course, there are occasions when you might want to leave the mask off…but for a party or a night out, a masquerade style look can bring unique attention to your eyes, showing through as the most beautiful and visible part of you. It’s just a thought, and certainly a fun alternative to the same old boring makeup tips!