Up & Coming Designer Alert!

Ceri Jones Eco DesignThis weeks’ fashionista is the fabulous Ceri Jones of Ceri Jones Eco Design.  Finalist in the Center of Sustainable Fashion’s “Unique” Award in 2011 & here at LoveScene we get to know the rising star that little bit better before anyone else!  Don’t say we’re not good to you!!


About The Designer(s)

Name: Ceri Jones

Age: 23

Location: Leicester

University/College: De Montfort University

Course: BA Fashion Design (graduated 2011)


About The Brand

What Is Your Brand’s Name? Ceri Jones Eco Design


Why Did You Choose That Particular Name? My name, my designs, my life, my work… it’s as simple as that.


Why Did You Decide To Become A Designer? I was taught by my mother and grandmother all about embroidery, knitting, crocheting and clothing making.  I became inspired by their works and by making my own clothing and loved being different for it. I was always practical and loved just doing things; I always had to be kept busy.


What Is Your Speciality?  Womenswear, ethical, environmental design


Who Is Your Target Market?  Young professionals with a conscience, fashionistas that like to stand out from the crowd.


What Was Your Inspiration For Your Latest Collection?  Japanese kimonos and designs, ethical and environmental concerns with a British twist.


Where Can It Be Purchased?  Not currently for sale but in the future it will be available from selected internet stores.


Random Questions:

What Is Your Favourite Outfit Of All Time?  I don’t really have one since I’m always looking and updating for something more different than that which has gone before


Who Is Your Ultimate Fashion Icon?  I don’t have one.  I never really found the need to follow someone and be a fanatic about their lives and things.


Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years? In ten years I would love to have my own store and a successful fashion business selling and using everything ethical, eco and sustainable.


What Does 2012 Hold For You? Apart From The Apocalypse?  I hope to set up a fashion business using my sustainable practices, attend a few fashion shows and competitions and generally keep busy.


Who Is Your Favourite Designer & Why?  I don’t really have a favourite but I like the look of a few designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Junya Watanbe & Kenzo.


Here’s a sneaky peek at one of Ceris’ designs from her new Henka collection.


Ceri Jones - Henka collection


Man oh man how I wish I was that talented!


Ceri has done herself proud in the past year being a finalist in no less than 3 major competitions!  The final of the E.V.E (Earth Versatile Environment) Fashion Award from KPC productions takes place this May & all of us here at LSM have our fingers crossed for her!


By Victoria Loudon