Used and Abused Knitwear

unusual knitwearI am a knitwear addict.


As the transition between autumn and winter quickly occurs, I’ve been on ugly knit patrol, sifting through endless second hand shops and vintage fairs. Not to toot my horn, but I’ve found some wonderful knitted jumpers that haven’t destroyed my bank balance. This particular jumper that I’m about to detail has been my garment of choice for the past couple of weeks, and I plan to find many more like it.


When I say “ugly knit” I mean knitwear that has an interesting or bizarre print that only a few would wear. I love simplistic knits, such as block colour designs or standard cable knit textures, but I want to find the ones which have been worn, scuffed and left for second hand shops to sort out.


The jumper was only £5 from my local food market. I was pleasantly surprised to find a vintage clothes stall in between a German sausage and cupcake stand!


Second hand jumper


I love the stained glass window effect of the pattern. The reason why it cost so little is due to the bleach/cleaning product stain running down the main body of the pattern and minor shrinkage of the sleeves and body. I’m not particularly fussy with these faults, as long as they don’t cause future damage. It’s also what you pay for: there’s a reason why it’s second hand.


My brother is also a promoter of vintage jumpers; his wardrobe boasts a huge collection of old school Christmas knits. He’s fueled my love for them, and informed me of the perfect little shops in Manchester.


If you’re in Manchester’s centre any time this winter, check out Vintage and Oxford Emporium down Oldham St., Junk off Dale St., and the Christmas markets soon-to-be-opened on King St. and Market St. Why pay full-price when you can get something better for cheaper?