We Heart Fashion

Whilst androgyny will still be big during Autumn/Winter 2011-12, the season also brings femininity in all its glory.  One rather popular aspect that has recently been popping up all over the high street is the use of hearts.  Small hearts, big heart, heart jewellery, heart hosiery, heart jumpers, dresses and skirts.


Whether you want to add jewellery to maximise the girly look or add brogues and keep the accessories to a minimum to balance it out, you can wear this look to match your emotions of the day.


If you feel a little old for this fashion then you’ll better suit single large hearts rather than a myriad of hearts splashed all over. Alternatively you can simply inject this fashion into your accessories only, keeping your clothing more mature.  Remember, if you feel silly, you will project silly so feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing and you will carry it off successfully.  If you don’t feel right in your outfit but you want to wear a particular fashion simply adapt it to suit your own personality.  There’s nothing worse than seeing someone wearing all the latest fashions yet looks as though they got dressed using someone else’s wardrobe.