Wedding Dress Considerations

David's Bridal Wedding Dress5Did you find yourself fantasizing about your wedding day as a little girl?  Did you have your entire wedding planned out, with the groom being the last detail?  If this indeed sounds like you, it is likely that you have already been dreaming about that perfect wedding dress for some time.  Now that you are engaged and planning your real wedding, we are here to help you make sure that the big day will live up to your childhood fantasy and beyond.

When selecting your bridal gown, there are some things that you want to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate style, fabric, color and length. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t drag your feet when it comes to scheduling an appointment; many boutiques have an estimated six-month wait on custom-made dresses and you may also have to add a couple months to your wait time for alterations.  However, it helps to have a few other details of your wedding in mind when making the ideal dress selection.

The wedding venue

This may seem obvious, but far too many brides fail to take into account their environment when choosing the ensemble. This is a mistake. After all, if you are planning a beach wedding, this is a type of setting that calls for a style that is lighter, and more on the simple side.  If your wedding venue is going to take place in a more traditional setting such as a church, the attire may call for more of a formal, ball gown style.

What are the weather conditions?

All eyes will be on you, but you do not have to sacrifice practicality to be a princess!  Be sure to consider the weather conditions when selecting your dress.  If you are getting married in the warm, tropical weather, or even just having a nice spring or summer wedding outdoors, you will want to look for fabrics that are more lightweight and that will allow you to breath and move around comfortably.  You may even want to go with a shorter dress as opposed to a longer gown. If you are getting married in the winter, you can jazz it up a bit with some sparkle, or more lush fabrics such as satin, – and don’t be afraid of sleeves! Many wedding dress sellers like David’s Bridal also offer cover-ups like shawls, bolero jackets and more, providing you with the warmth you need during the outdoors that can later be shed when you hit the dance floor.

Your dress should fit in with the wedding “vibe”

What do you want the “feel” of your wedding to be?  If your decorations, centerpieces, flowers, stationary, etc. give more of a formal feel, you will want the style of your dress to match.  And of course, vice versa if you are going for more of a laid-back vibe. To find some alternative options to match alternative themes, visit Etsy and work with a designer to find the dress that matches your personal preference?

What’s flattering to your body type?

Just because a gown is stunning won’t mean it will have the same effect on you. Be honest with yourself about what your best features are, as well as what trouble spots exist that you don’t want to show off. Find the smallest point on your upper torso and select a silhouette that cinches this point to add some slenderness. From a high empire waist to an A-line that flairs right above the hips, there are plenty of options from which you can choose. For additional insights, click here.

We know how planning a wedding can be overwhelming and daunting at times, but we have put the suggestions in place to help make the planning experience enjoyable and memorable – just like your wedding day should be!

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