Welcome Back Agyness!

Dr Martens AW 11So just the other day I was looking to invest in a brand new pair of boots specifically for the coming Autumn/Winter season and let’s face it, rain has been on and off like there’s no tomorrow lately. In an effort to make the most of our not so lovely British weather I figured looking into buying some more boots is definately going to be the best option!


In that spirit, I began browsing through endless images of Dr. Martens. I have always had an obsession with them and only have two pairs at the moment so want to expand my collection fast. The patent gold editions have been on my wish list for quite some time now but as new styles continue to catch my eye I am now undecided.


Whilst boot hunting online I came across Agyness Deyn’s A/W 11 campaign for Dr. Martens and as one of my all time favourite models I have decided to write an article to celebrate her return to the fashion industry. Agyness has been keeping a rather low profile lately, out of the media whilst working on exciting new projects such as her aspiring acting career; but this visionary new campaign is a sure fire means to get fashion-savvy head’s turning in her direction again!


I have always admired Agyness Deyn for her unique androgynous and down-to-earth, effortless sense of style. I feel she is a relatable figure particularly how she acts so natural in front of the camera and how she projects her musical influences within her eclectic dress sense. In an industry which changes so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up to date with what’s going on it’s important to stay true to who you are and the type of message you want to promote through clothing. In my opinion, music and fashion go hand in hand like Coffee and Cream, Posh and Becks or Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s; a perfect match. Agyness’ statement style certainly reflects her love for music having also studied the subject at university.


DR MARTENS 9733 W BOOT - £91.00, Dr MartensShe may have been out of the spotlight for a couple of years, but in the whimsical new Dr. Marten’s campaign Deyn goes back to her northern roots and photographs like she has never been away from the camera. Each campaign image is supposed to represent those ‘first’ important moments of youth such as the first kiss, first date and that first gig. A huge fan of Docs herself, Agyness was the ideal front girl to rekindle such a commercial yet classic brand. The beauty about the craftsmanship of these boots and shoes is that, not only are they durable in that they last forever, they also never go out of fashion. Designs constantly keep being revamped and modified making them an appealing choice for all and for the harsher weather conditions too.


This season, whether your after a look that’s grungy yet girly or colourful and quirky you can find a whole range of foot-fancy decadence on the Dr. Martens website and in stores across the globe. The latest store to open this autumn is located in my home-town of Liverpool, which I can hardly wait for! So it’s bye bye student loan, hello boot heaven… That’s all I’m saying!


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  1. Cat Allan says:

    Loved this article. Aggy is one of my favourite models and I agree with you that with her androgynous and punk image she’s perfect for the Doc Marten’s campaign. So glad she’s back! I’m also a lover of Doc Marten’s – best investment I’ve ever made – definitely ideal for the coming season :)