What to Wear for a Vacation Get Away!

What to Wear for a Vacation Get Awayhmprod

Planning on a beach front vacation this summer? Or maybe you just want to look like you are. Either way Hawaiian tropical fashion trends are making way. Tropical paradise sure makes you feel good and provides that R&R we all need from time to time. Sultry colors are rich pastels and earth tones and unarguably bring life to Fashion. The goal is to look great and feel even better! You want to be comfortable on your trip. The heat and sightseeing can take its toll so it’s really all about a relaxed fit. Take the long loose comfy dress above for example. The spaghetti straps and ruffled low v-cut give a sexy feminine, but flowing fit. The tropical flowers pop from the bold orange and forest green tones. Flowers, trees, and the summer breeze will put you and your fashion needs at ease. So whether you’re looking to play the part at your summer themed luau party or actually stamping your pass port to cross the seas to Turks and Caicos, Hawaiian influenced fashion is a great fit.

Must-Haves-HM-Spring-Conscious-CollectionA perfect packed luggage would include something you can wear from morning till dusk. You never know what you’re going to get into in the tropics so it’s best to pack things that are versatile. For instance, the green cargo shorts are dazzled up by the crystal diamond studded pockets. Or the rain forest themed blouse and slacks can work for a day shopping venture to an island evening festival.

ferragamo-milan-fashion-week-2012-latest-fashion-trends-2011If you’re traveling international or just to Miami, it’s okay to step outside your comfort zone. Dress bold and vibrant! Mix matching patterns, designs, and colors are all fair grounds in vacation fashion. If it’s a romantic escape with your sweet heart or a girl’s sex in the city vaca, trust the loud romper and zestful blazer is a killer combination. The style isn’t to form fitting yet tailored just right to embody those curves!

Now if you’re going to the beach or hanging pool side at a hot social gathering, you want to bring you’re A game. Animal prints swim wear with luscious safari designs are a show stopper and Instagram double tapper. However for those who want to keep it sexy but not show a lot of skin, a womenswear-summer-2013-trends-tropical-620x350lengthy high cut satin cover up will do the trick. It covers up just enough to hide the goods but exposes enough to be appropriate for the occasion. Another trend must have are the bra tops and skin tight nylon leggings. This look is perfect to mix and match for a funky and fun appeal.

So when packing for your getaway just remember to be versatile. Bold colors, tropical prints, and mix and match are not off limits!