What to Wear on Christmas Day

With the big day now under a week away, it’s one of the few days a year where its acceptable to stay in your new fairisle pyjamas and reindeer slippers while you eat your body weight, and everyone else’s, in festive treats. Or is it? My Christmas days are a casual affair, not quite as casual as nightwear and slippers but heels and bodycon dresses are certainly not present.

I’m talking simple skinny jeans (elasticated of course) and a pretty, preferably new top kind of causal. Optimum comfort and the allowance for gravy spillage and compensation for over-eating, this outfit is the go-to for my relatively small family Christmas. And if cold, afternoon walks are on the cards then this kind of outfit is perfect, don the boots, ear muffs, and the woolly socks and you’re all set for a calorie burning country walk.

The other alternative that seems especially popular this year thanks to Primark’s delightful array is novelty Christmas jumper. A lighthearted elbow in the rib of a once fashion faux pas, or a surprisingly chic (see h&ms grey fairisle knitwear) way to make your Christmas day outfit fun.  Also great for those family photographs that will be unearthed 20 years from now. Embarrassment level at full capacity.

On the other hand, if you are expecting hoards of uncles, aunts and cousins to your house, a less casual approach than your gravy spilled jumper might be necessary. Tis the season to see all your far flung relatives from some far and distant place you’d like to see them go swiftly back to. But also the time of year where embellishment, sequins and sparkles are allowed to co-exist in one extravagant but perfect for the festivities, outfit. Don’t be afraid to fully embrace the glitter if you dare to be bold enough.

Unearthing those blister inducing heels, however, may not be such a practical choice if you’re cooking, or helping out around the house. Chasing after hyperactive little ones or teetering around on platforms whilst balancing pigs in blankets – a unique skill to grasp and one for the well practiced.

However, you may find yourself having Christmas dinner out at a restaurant, or pub. Fancy or otherwise, it’s perfectly acceptable to treat this outing as much, much more than your average family meal. It’s a fashion show! So that means glam it up. Red lips, heels (no running around after others, unleash the 6 inch heels!) and that sparkly Zara dress. Tis the season to be jolly and embracing Christmas glamour is a sure-fire way to spread the joy.

A few things to remember regardless of your Christmas Day attire; don’t wear anything too tight for obvious reasons and keeping your hair neutral is a must; especially if you are going glam to the max and, not forgetting,  you are going to be wearing a paper hat whether you like it or not.