When Heels Became a Must

CARVELAI have been wearing heels since the age of sixteen, which is nine years in total. I can remember my first ones, a dark fuchsia in satin material with a strap around the ankle, worn to a family christening. It seems since that day, heels have been glued to my feet whenever there has been a social event.


Wedges, platforms, high heels, stilettos, they have all found a place in my wardrobe, sitting patiently while they wait their turn to be worn. With names like Bible Basher, Minky Linky and Shola Mono, they have all assisted me in feeling confident.


I can remember wearing flat shoes on one occasion, and this was enough to convince me never to do so again! A heel seems to give you an inner confidence, wearing a pair of Kurt Geiger’s or Jimmy Choos for the lucky ones of us, seems to fill us with pride and bravery.


I feel like a child in a sweet shop, with rows and rows of never ending shoes, in all their glory being presented before me in stores.


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINWhenever I have had a low day and wanted to cheer myself up, a new pair of shoes has always managed to put a smile on my face. Heels are a female’s best friend, after diamonds of course. They are always there no matter what, witnessing your drunken stumble down steps, your first dance of the night and that dance with the guy you have had your eye on all night long.


It is a secret obsession I am not afraid to admit to others, the only one who has any complains and criticism is my bank balance!


Wearing a simple vest with jeans then adding a pair of heels transforms your outfit like magic, it still surprises me how magical a transformation it is. Packing for a weekend away I will always bring with me a pair of heels, it has become as essential as a first aid kit.


Even though heels and I have been in a committed relationship now for nine years, we are still going strong and I do not think I can ever see it ending!