When Wearing a Paper Bag is a Good Thing

The last time I went jeans shopping I was informed by the assistant that I have a “hollow back”. I’m not sure if that is a medical term but I at least had a reason why every pair of trousers I buy flaps about at the back.  Belts only make the issue worse as they tend to just bunch everything up!


I have been the bane of my mother’s life as every new purchase is thrust at her to be taken in.  Even now that I no longer live at home there is a pile of trousers creeping up in my room awaiting her stitching skills.


So it is to our mutual joy that the bunching up I worry about so much has actually become fashionable! Coming to a waistband near you soon is the Paperbag Effect. Oh how I love thee paperbag shorts and trousers!


ASOS, New Look and Urban Outfitters are among those on the high street embracing the bunch, but my favorites have to be the Rose Paperbag shorts at Miss Selfridge, the colour is gorgeous!


It’s always good when a frustrating fashion mishap becomes a stylish trend! Now I just have to wait for the day that uneven eyebrows are as hot as hell!


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  1. Hannah Lee says:

    I have been told this many times before too! Hollow backs result in a lot of unfortunate flesh exposure when wearing jeans, most of which don’t fit me anyway! I am fully embracing this trend!!

  2. issy says:

    Haha! So true! My mum also was my personal trousser stitcherx