Who knew shoulders could be so sexy?

We’re used to seeing legs and cleavage.  With the creation of wow bras, maximisation bras and the make- your- breasts-  look-two- sizes- bigger bras, it isn’t a surprise that the assets women show in order to impress are those we probably shouldn’t be showing.

But things are soon changing.

Off the shoulder styles have made it into fashion. It is a throwback from the ‘80s and a style that Vivian (Julia Roberts) wore in Pretty Woman (that knockout red dress she wore when those trashy street days were over.)

Pretty Woman

Well anyway, yes, off the shoulder dresses, tops and bodysuits are here.

There is something very sexy about not trying to be sexy and the OTS style does that perfectly. Who would have thought that showing a shoulder would look so good?

off the shoulder Asos


If you didn’t see Chanel’s Spring Summer 2013 collection for Paris Couture Fashion Week then do so immediately for off the shoulder inspiration, whether flesh is out or not.

Oversized sleeves, floral patterns, feathers and gothic overtones give a dark edge to a feminine style. Karl Lagerfield makes a drastic statement with each design; a somewhat complicated take on a simple look, but in a good way.

Quickly embrace the subtle statement of this style before winter strikes. Those collar bones and shoulders will not look sexy covered in goosebumps.


Have a look at Chanel’s collection and other collections at Paris Couture Fashion Week here