Why The Satchel Stands The Test Of Time

leather satchelsAs a five year old I was most definitely the most fashionable gal in my primary school. Unfortunately, the other kids didn’t agree so they picked on me. They didn’t quite ‘get’ my bizarre ensemble of red Kickers boots, granddad spectacles and old-fashioned school-boy satchel. Fast forward twenty years and I could wear that same combination today and be hailed a fashion superstar. Unfortunately, as a five-year old I was just that kooky kid, with ‘arty farty’ parents who dressed their geeky kid up in quirky clothes.


In recent years, a day hasn’t passed that I don’t wish with all my heart that I’d kept hold of that magnificent blue satchel. For all the cruel jibes in the world doesn’t deter from the fact that satchels will be forever cool. Regrettably, being the stubborn spoilt brat that I was, I flat-out refused to use that satchel ever again and off it went to my father’s workshop – to hold his arty farty pencil set and later dumped at the charity shop. I bet it looks beautiful now it’s old and weather-worn, battered and aged. A good satchel, like all the classics, only improves with age.


The satchel will always be popular because it’s the original hands-free accessory; there’s nothing better than owning a phantom bag – the type that carries a huge array of clutter and yet, once it’s swung over your shoulder and across the body, you completely forget it’s there. Reminded only by the admiring glances that a bag like the satchel attracts. It’s also a unisex item – a non-embarrassing unisex item; women like satchels because they’re retro and romantic, while men just appreciate a practical accessory that doesn’t scream camp. There’s nothing cringingly ‘man-bag’ about the satchel. Nope, the satchel is an all-round crowd pleaser.


vintage satchelOf course the very best part of any satchel is the quintessential front pocket – the area where schoolboys in straw hats and white plimsolls once wrote their name, form and age only a few decades ago – during the glorious golden age of the satchel. There have been numerous revivals ever since and it’s going through a pretty epic surge in popularity right now. Namely, in every shade of neon. Who’d have thought that the humble satchel, with its traditional heritage and old-fashioned design, would be pimped out and re-marketed in 2012 as a fashion must-have? It’s the king of re-invention, the ‘Madge’ of schoolbags – the satchel rocks.


So here’s to another fifty decades of a bag that refuses to go out of fashion. I can only hope that one day I will be sending my own dorky kid off to school with a big, blue satchel-bag in tow. Long live the almighty satchel!


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