Why We Love….. Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue looking hotWhen you think Dannii Minogue you used to think Kylie but that, however, is not true anymore as over the past few years Miss Danni Minogue has really come into her own especially with the fashion world. While entering the nation’s hearts through the world of television, adverts and the notorious show that is X Factor, she at the same time gave us beautiful fashion pieces we would all remember.

Having joined the X Factor in 2007, she has seen her fair share of ups and downs in her life but has always remained looking fantastic while doing it with 2010 and 2009 being my favourites. While on the show her style may have been constantly compared to Cheryl Cole, she still presents her balance and takes on fashion as she showcases a beautiful dress every week. Her style on screen is as talked about as off screen but one aspect and important feature we all recognize her for and one that will never change is her beautiful smile. Perfect and pearly white her smile can reassure you about anything, which only makes us wonder at how blessed her child and boyfriend are to see it every day.

Having become a style icon in Ireland, Australia and United Kingdom she has featured in countless magazines portraying her fashion sense, and expressing her glorious smile she has appeared in many magazines such as Cosmomopolitan and the prestigious Vogue.

The British media have long taken notice of her style from the different looks to the changing hair styles that have inspired trends. Emphasising the beauty of pregnancy she truly glowed as a new mother and her style shined along with her. Danni Minogue always looks chic and classy embracing her age and life while happily presenting elegance, uniqueness and poise through style and beauty.

After her boy won the X Factor this year we can be sure we are going to see more of her no matter what, but we can only wonder what her next look will be…