Why We Love…. Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil“Running round London doing press appointments like a madwoman in hot pants, plus my long camel coat makes me look like a flasher.”

With eyeliner, humour, brains and a quirky style to match Jameela Jamil is a fashion icon in training and definitely one to watch.

She is the British beauty, 25, that’s stealing the spotlight on our television as channel 4’s T4 presenter and Company Magazine’s skilful columnist. Built like a goddess but with the speech of a comedian, she is not only a “rising star in the fashion world,” but a girl you would love to go shopping with.  Jameela’s unique picture perfect style and warm personality gives us a great reason to wake up in the mornings. She has charm but at times not so much grace but that doesn’t mean you would love her any less.

Having worked as a model, a photographer, and as a fashion scout she has a fashion background and knows her stuff. Best in a dress or skirt she’ll always be seen with her signature long hair, corner eyeliner flick, fringe and smile. Looking great in a pop of colour or just casual jeans shorts and boots, her unique style always shines through no matter what. Her style is beautifully colourful at best but does have a grunge rock side to it; yes Jameela’s fashion technique does have many layers. She doesn’t have a stylist and instead has a love for Urban Outfitters and Topshop, meaning that the genius “niche feminine grunge glam outfits” she possesses are all her own.

Watch out 2011, armed with humour, charm, a smile and eyeliner Jameela Jamil is a star on the horizon and is entering the fashion world with a bang.