Winter Boots

sorel caribou bootsWhile some may be irate over the falling temperatures, I look forward to the changing seasons. Some ladies prefer laying on the beach in flip flops and flats but, when the weather becomes chillier, I look forward to modeling my attractive scarves, beanies, blazers and, of course, my boots! To make sure you have the right footwear to fashionably rock out this winter (and keep your toes warm and dry).

Snow Boots

Too much snow is always a nuisance, especially if you don’t own a car. The last thing you want is to get to trek to work with your shoes and socks soaked from the snow —you need some waterproof snow boots!

I prefer the Sorel Caribou Boots. These things could survive the Artic—and even though you probably aren’t going out there anytime soon, it’s always good to have more than you need. They’re extremely warm, comfortable, durable, and have enough traction to climb up Mt. Fuji.


A necessary part of your wardrobe, booties can keep your stride sexy or add a little flare to a casual outfit. Booties may not be ideal for snow and rain, but the boots are great for a (dry) night out or a day in the office. If the sidewalks are icy, you may be want to find a pair with a little more traction.

Ugg bootsUgg Boots

I’ve always loved Uggs. Whether you’re running out to the store for a minute, or are carting around town all day, they keep your feet warm and incredibly comfortable. A week after I bought my first pair, I realized I hadn’t worn any other shoe since I left the store. Even though these aren’t great for trekking through snow or stomping through rain, they allow you to enjoy the comfort of an indoor slipper with the treading and protection of outdoor footwear. And with so many different variations, it’s easy to find the perfect boot for yourself. Check out the Uggs section at Footwear Etc. to find some of these great boots on sale.

Karita Over The Knee Boot

Over the Knee Boots

If you really want to put some strut into your walk, a pair of over the knee boots is mandatory! Though they may be hard to get into initially, you’ll be reminded how worth they are with every step you take. Not only can they be extremely comfortable and warm, but can go with almost any outfit.

I’ve been wearing the Vince Camuto “Karita” for the last year and could not recommend a better over the knee style.


Whether you’re making snow angels on the side of the slopes, running errands on an especially frigid day, or want to keep up with seasonal styles at the office, make sure you have a wide array of boots for this winter.


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