Winter Survival

Leona Lewis wearing coral lipstickA dark sky, the sound of rain or the crazy wind usually greets me every morning, I am just waiting for the snow now!


Long gone are those warm, sunny days where the sun shone down on us, we will not be seeing that for quite a few more months! With that said, why should our wardrobe have to be dark like our winter days?


It is always easier putting on a grey jumper with dark jeans and boots, then on top of that a dark winter coat. So this winter I have given myself some rules to follow in order to inject some boldness into my wardrobe, making those winter days less painful!


Rule 1…

Include colour in your outfit!

This could be coloured jeans, a top or a bold, statement coat. Think purples, greens, reds and oranges.


Rule 2…

Do not forget about accessories!

Adding jewellery to an outfit can instantly revive it. A beaded necklace, a jewelled ring or feathered earrings can remind you of those summer days well spent. A bold, coloured handbag or scarf can also make you stand out from the crowd.


Rule 3…

When buying knitwear think outside the box!

It is always easier going for jumpers that will go with anything, such as black and grey. Instead consider jumpers that are brightly coloured or have a funky design, when teamed with jeans or even denim shorts and tights it can create a more refreshed winter outfit! Knit dresses also look amazing in bright reds, oranges and greens, which will look beautiful with black tights and winter boots or shoe boots.


Rule 4…


It is always easy not bothering about make up in winter because it is so dark and gloomy. However, adding some pink to your cheeks or a bold lipstick colour to your lips can instantly revive you. Think of reds, pinks and plums and either concentrate on your cheeks, lips or eyes, never all three!


Rule 5…

Nails nails nails…

Bold nails can bring positive attention to you. Think of colours such as cranberry, pillar box reds, turquoise, royal purples and blues, emerald greens and glitter metallic! Even have fun by creating patterns on your nails with nail art to draw attention from the grey skies to your hands!


Hopefully with the rules in place, the winter wardrobe will be more fun and full of colour unlike our weather!