Winter Warmers!

Pieces Haiku Spot Beanie Hat - £9.00, ASOSThere’s a distinctive chill in the air. Nights are getting longer and before you know it, there’s yet another snow-induced baby boom!


It’s the time of year to hang on to your fingers and toes for dear life. Bitter winds have set in and you begin to realise that every day is a losing battle against the dreaded hat hair.  Meanwhile, walking around with a nose redder than Rudolph’s seems inevitable.


This year should be different – it’s time for the women of Britain to TAKE BACK WINTER!


Be prepared to fight off the cold and step out in style. Hit the bitingly cold streets of Britain, armed with a thermos, contraceptives and always with fashion on your side.


At this time of the year, keeping warm also means means making the ultimate sacrifice and saying goodbye to good hair days to save your ears from the elements. However, there does appear to be a saving grace in that there is a beautiful  and varied range of hats, ‘bandos’, earmuffs and more, just waiting to be discovered like an Aladdin’s cave of much needed accessories!

Baby Bear Faux Fur Trapper - £25.00, Accessorize


I found a really adorable multi-coloured, wool knit beanie on my mission to find the perfect item that would help to tame your locks. I found this Haiku Spot Beanie Hat in the Pieces range, currently priced at £9.00 on  I thought it would brighten any dull autumn day with its spotty design and really hip soft slouch fit. I think a beanie is a great way to carry your inner festival goer through the autumn and winter seasons.


In the midst of winter, it’s always a good idea to protect those ears when it’s blowing a gale outside to avoid days off sick or missing any parties. I found this incredibly cool Baby Bear Faux Fur Trapper, £25 at Accessorize and instantly fell in love with its cutesy little ears and pom-pom detail that would certainly inject a bit of fun and  practicality into any outfit!

Crochet Flower Patchwork Earmuff - £16.00, Accessorize


To protect those delicate ears without going to quite the extremes of wearing a full-on trapper, I liked this Crochet Flower Patchwork Earmuff, £16 from Accessorize. I thought that it would help to neatly side step the issue of hat hair for the rest of the day after you’ve battled through the elements to make it to work.


If you’re more into a beret or a peak cap, however, I quite like the Angora Cap, currently priced at £18 at Accessorize for its simple sophistication.


This is where I get a bit excited and have to reign myself back in a bit. If there’s one staple category in my wardrobe that I simply cannot live without, it would be my collection of scarves. I wear them throughout the spring and summer months and straight through to winter. I have a collection that could rival Diane Von Furstenberg’s and it just keeps expanding, like a bunny breeding in the spring.


Red Fur Trim Mittens, £13.00, River IslandI don’t know what it is about draping scarves and snoods about my person but I have always loved the way they make me feel and just for you, I have recommended a few in various colours, styles and fabrics.


River Island have a large collection of scarves and snoods  to choose from for the weeks and months ahead, such as this Green Zig Zag Print Snood, £13 and their Dark Red Soft Scarf, £12.


The River Island website also recommended these Red Fur Trim Mittens, £13, which I just adore!


I also quite like Very’s simple knitted snood, now priced at just £9 and also the knitted hat scarf and glove set now priced at £18. Both of these winter warmers are available in black and grey so take advantage of the sale while you can!


With these winter warmers in mind this year, put your best booted foot forward and take on those arctic temperatures with more gusto than Fred the weather man!