Work Wear Essentials

Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2012What clothes do you pick out in the morning? Dressing for the office can be tough and requires thought. Depending on the nature of the business you’re working for, I would say that on the whole people tend to dress smart-casual in order to make the right impression to their employers. Yes if you want to be seen in a professional light, dressing accordingly can work wonders for your career, particularly in an interview scenario.


I’ve recently started working in an office environment again and wasn’t too sure on what the dress code would be so naturally, I did what any smart girl would do; toned down my make-up, jewellery and eccentric prints… at least for the first day anyway.


You never know what to expect when starting a new office job, but I always say a change can be good.


Once you’re able to gage the types of people you are working with and have seen what others are wearing, adding some of your own personality into your everyday office attire gets much easier.


Here are a few tips on making the right impressions in the work place:

  • Wear clothes which flatter your silhouette. The amount of women I have seen wearing clothes which do not suit their body shapes is unnerving – this can attract the wrong sort of attention. So if you are curvy like I am, go for pencil skirts for your bottom half as they come in jersey fabrics for comfort and cotton versions with subtle splits adding a little more structure. Also, a mid-length skirt can be just as sexy as a mini-skirt, especially if the wearer is confident in what suits their shape. For the top half, peplum blouses, block colours and looser fabrics are perfect for voluptuous women, as they distract from problem areas and accentuate at the same time.
  • Comfort. Whether you’re dressing for the warmer season or the colder weather, it’s so important to make sure that comfort takes priority. Opt for light-weight fabrics which you can layer up on; if it’s too hot you can always remove that chiffon blazer and if you need to turn up the heat, adding a cashmere sweater over your tee can add a touch of effortless style, as well as keeping you from freezing to death.
  • Don’t overdo it on the make-up and accessories. I for one,  know it’s very tempting to head to the office in the morning wearing every piece of statement jewellery from your jewellery box, but the truth is, simplicity works best because you can have much more fun transforming your minimal day look into a glamorous, party look for night. The same applies with your make-up. If you’re a girly-girl, make-up is just as crucial as picking out your underwear, it is an essential part of most women’s daily routine. By all means you can wear bold lipstick but just remember to tone down the eye shadow – a simple flick of liquid liner says sophistication in an instant.
  • Do mix up your work wear outfits. We all know that if we want to play hard, we also have to work hard too. It’s easy to let your fashionable self suffer what with rushing around for your morning coffee, travelling to face the day ahead and generally planning your social calendar around the clock. But fear not ladies, even the smallest finishing touches can lift you and can remind you of who you really are when you’re not at the office – a leader of style. Whether it’s a sparkling brooch, a new shade of lipstick or perhaps a waist belt to emphasize your femininity, by varying what you choose to wear each day you can remain the fairest of them all.


So next time you’re wondering what to wear for the office, remember classic pieces are key and there is always room to re-invent yourself.