Zoë Kravitz: “My style is… I don’t give a f**k”,

Zoe Kravitz - image courtesy of thefrisky.comFor some, fashion is in the blood. I don’t think there could be a better representative of that idea than Zoë Kravitz.


“A rising style star, she flawlessly transitions from effortless, slightly mussed glamour to street chic, and she somehow ends up looking sultry every time.” (


Actress, singer, model and full time hippy rocker, the petite Zoë Kravitz is a unique lady with a style that mixes along the sides of free spirited bohemian, vintage aesthetic chic, street grudger and cool rocker. Her many characteristics, attributes and artistic qualities sets Miss Kravitz apart from the rest of today’s It girls, giving her style and look a distinctive edge.


The twenty-year-old vintage chick definitely has a fresh take on fashion, seeing clothes, shoes and accessories as a way to formulate some fun style experiments. Miss Kravitz doesn’t take fashion seriously and doesn’t follow trends, which only supports the notion that fashion comes natural to the young beauty, emphasising that fashion and coolness is in her blood. Zoë would rather enjoy life and have fun with people her as well as those she loves. However, with make-up Zoë takes a less-is-more approach except for the rare occasion when she feels like sporting a heart-stopping red shade, Zoë would rather show; “that in beauty and in life, it’s best to be real.”


Zoë is the offspring of two striking parents, rock singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, both of whom are equipped with unique and occasionally eccentric taste. It’s easy to distinguish the parental influence at work; through Kravitz being a rocker like her father, by being seen wearing tough jewellery, and a free spirited hippy like her mother, by wearing quirky accessories and loads of vintage.


Miss Kravitz’s style has elements of urban hippy and fusion rocker; here the indie princess is inspirational, grounded and fun as she often looks young, effortless, and cool. Yet the lady still doesn’t know why she is still considered a style icon.


Zoë provides for me a free spirited and cool approach to life, music and fashion as there are many similarities between the cool hipster rocker and I. Zoe Kravitz is my inspiration, my style icon and at times my encouragement for a choice of outfit.


When I think of Zoë Kravitz, I imagine a hoodie and cuffed jeans being dressed up with red lips and heels, which highlight how her cool attitude and style is so effortless and natural.


With a simple description and comment from Zoë that describes her style; “it’s just how I feel or what I’m listening to that defines what I’ll be wearing”. Along with a comment about overall appearance, she says. “Who cares if you look silly? It’s fun!”


Though she doesn’t think she has style, I for one am putting my hand up on the vote for Miss Zoë Kravitz being the next style icon as she is definitely one of mine.


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  1. Issy says:

    I love her style!!! she is amazing!