10 Ways To Keep Your Man

Happy coupleMen are an odd bunch. They don’t talk; I mean REALLY talk about much which doesn’t involve beer, sex or sport. No wonder us women are confused as to what is going on inside their heads. If we ask them they don’t answer, so here is list to try and help you decipher what is going on in his head that he daren’t tell you about.


1.  Let him pursue you.

We derived from cavemen and although we live in an age of equality, there are still cavemen out there and boy do they love the hunt. That means: don’t call him first, don’t text, don’t post on his facebook wall and don’t try to find out where he is going to be. If he wants to see you, nothing will stand in his way… nothing. If he doesn’t want to see you then don’t sit around waiting, there are plenty more fish in the sea.


2. Demand respect.

This is respect for yourself. If you don’t have that, then you can’t expect anyone else to respect you.  That means you don’t sleep with a man on the first date, or even the second, even if he is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Wait until you know the time is right.  And if he is the right kind of man, he will wait too. There is nothing wrong with one-night stands but you won’t always attract someone who is a keeper this way.


3.  Don’t ever humiliate him in front of friends, family or work colleagues.

How uncomfortable is it when you are in between the couple who start sniping remarks about each other in front of you. Don’t be one of these people, be kind, loving and don’t use your man as a prop for a good laugh.


4. Don’t be a clingy girlfriend.

It is a crime that nearly everybody has fallen into at one time or another in their new, hot relationship. Cancelling your commitments to your friends and family so that you can have a bit of romance instead. Hey, it’s okay to include your man in your life, but don’t make it so that he is the only thing in your life. Keep your girls nights out, gym routine and family commitments in your diary. With or without him your life goes on.


5.  Watch your language.

Don’t use those evil words: babies, marriage, meet my parents and pets in those first few dates. They show you in a desperate light and may send him straight to the gents and escaping out of the back window.


6.  Limit yourself to a two-drink maximum when you go out.

No man likes a sloppy drunk party girl. Those girls are alright to play with, but not someone who he wants to have a future with.


7.  You are a gorgeous lady not a slut.

Show some respect when you are out on his arm. His friends do not need to see what underwear you are wearing, that is for his eyes only. You shouldn’t flirt with his mates either, that’s just bad manners!


8.  It’s the little things that matter, just like in the beginning.

It shouldn’t be just down to him to provide the niceties. Relationships are two ways. So just like you wouldn’t expect him to take you out to a fancy restaurant every night – why not spoil him with a nice, romantic home cooked meal instead. Being woken up with breakfast in bed is always a winner too.


9.  Don’t bribe him with sex.

Once you have your man for keeps this doesn’t mean that sex is not as important as it was in those first few months. For some women though they see the commitment as an excuse to not be sexual with their man anymore. Don’t play games in the bedroom department and never ever use sex as a weapon against him.


Dating10. Don’t try and change him

We all do it – not sure why we do it, as we were attracted to our man for some reason in the beginning, but then we seem to embark on a mission to change him. Instead subtly “mould” him into a better man? Then there are just some things that are set in stone forever, the toilet seat staying up, the inability to tidy up after himself, falling asleep in front of the TV and the failure to multi-task.