30 and Not So Flirty

Dating whilst living with parentsPicture the scenario: you’ve just had a fantastic date with someone you really like and the time/occasion comes when you want to invite them back one night. However, you can’t because there’s one BIG obstacle in the way. Not something that should be an issue hopefully as you enter that third decade: your parents.


Somehow I doubt that anyone, when they’re eighteen and discovering independence, imagines that ten or so years later you will still be in the same position. Unfortunately for many people I know, both male and female, that’s what has occurred. Some have managed to move out, whether through moving in with a boy/girlfriend or doing a job for the money but at least half of my friends are still SLMAD (single living with mum/dad).


Hands up anyone who ever woke up next to a person they didn’t want to see any longer than they have to? If that’s happened what you don’t need is having to sneak them out the next morning before your family wakes up. It’s one thing to have to explain this to a bemused housemate but there are some awkward parent/child conversations you really don’t want to have.


So that’s probably one of the reasons my dating history is pretty much drier than the Sahara going on recent years. That and the fact that anyone who’s read my previous post will know that nightmare set up attempts have become as regular as my morning breakfast tea at Café Nero (and by the way, I think this year there have been at least three completed loyalty cards).


It’s not the only reason but somehow I doubt it helps the situation. It seems that I’m just going to have to continue working on getting an editorial job that allows me to move out. Cupboard? At this point I’d settle for a shoebox room in a shared flat but have also gently threatened to start camping out in my best friend’s spare room. My rule before was to have moved out before I hit the dreaded 3-0 but there’s definitely going to have to be some revision done now. Either that or get very good at teaching dates how to climb down a drainpipe.