A Shallow Heart

beauty withinAfter overhearing a conversation between two young females, I could not help but think of the film Shallow Hal, and whether we are now in a world where looks matter more than personality. The young female was speaking of a friend’s girlfriend, and I quote, “he is handsome, he can do so much better, and she’s fat and dresses like a chav!”


Not only did it prove that your partner’s female friends do speak about you and may have a negative or positive opinion of you, but also that looks seemed a lot more important than how a persons personality was.


In a society where looks, style and how shiny your teeth are, we are forgetting how vital a good sense of humour is, how caring a person should be and what makes you click with your partner.


Walking through the busy streets of town, I cannot help but think whether each couple is being analysed and given marks out of ten by other passers by. Is it so wrong if a tall female dates a shorter male or the female is bigger than her partner?


Not all males are going to find Elle Macpherson, Cheryl Cole or Blake Lively attractive. Some men prefer a fuller figure, some small breasts and some big breasts. Every man is different and more importantly can sometimes go for personality over looks, so should we not be grateful? There are obviously still men out there that exist, who put looks and how perfect you look to others to one side and instead love you for who you are. The two females should not be slating their male friend for dating a fuller figure female but instead should be happy they have a friend who can show a good example to others.


Other females can sometimes create a negative circle around themselves and by being negative because their friend is not dating a catwalk model only puts them in a bad light. I cannot help but think maybe some men are shallow because we as females are. Maybe if we were less critical, men would be more open to dating a, “fat chav”, whose personality would blow him away.


The only thing that should ever be shallow is a dirty puddle by the roadside, never your friends and certainly never a true lady. Being more positive and open to difference is the happier approach.