A Tough Nut To Crack

Couple talkingIt is as though I walk around with armour, a bullet proof vest or a brick wall, maybe even all three combined.


When it comes to opening up in a relationship, my thoughts and words get tangled and my heart races hard. It seems to be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. You hope that your partner is still sat next to you after you have finished talking, praying that he has not ran through the door or jumped out of the window!


We question when is the right time to open up, how should we start the conversation and what we should or should not say to a new partner. At times we panic about whether we can trust them to stick around after we have emotionally opened up.


All I do know is that there is no right time for it, except when you feel ready and comfortable within yourself. Opening up to someone can be hard for some, easy for others, but what is needed is patience, understanding and reliability. Your partner should make you feel reassured that they will listen to you and respect what you have to say, without making you feel inadequate or nervous.


Opening up should have the power to strengthen a relationship and bring you both closer together. What should be cherished is the fact that you have trusted another person with  your inner feelings and deep thoughts, which is a compliment in itself.


Gradually communicating with your partner should get easier and feel like second nature. You will then both have a connection that no one else can touch.