Body Language and How to Read it

Man flirting very obviouslyEveryone always asks themselves the same questions when they develop a new “crush” or find someone attractive. Does he like me? Should I speak to him first? While all this seems quite childish and fairly school-like we can’t help but do it. So why is this? I have a feeling it’s because often or not body language can be so hard to read. Since men often find it hard to simply say how they feel we have to rely on the subtle hints such as a smile. But sometimes a smile is just a smile right? I mean I smile at people I don’t even know on the street! So how can we tell the difference between someone who simply wants to be our friend and someone who wants more?


Firstly, eye contact is key. You can often tell if a guy finds you attractive by his eyes and the way he looks into yours. Similarly, if he avoids eye contact with you this can also indicate that he likes you as he is too nervous to look you directly in the eye. If he holds your gaze this signifies his interest in you, if he looks away then back at you again this shows he’s really interested in you.


Secondly, the way he holds himself is important. Some men are naturally confident but those that aren’t may get flustered around you. Pay attention to his hands, if they are shaking then this means you make him nervous and he’s keen to impress you. If he stands upright with his chest stuck out then it shows he wants to make himself look big and masculine in front of you.


Thirdly, physical contact can reveal a lot. If he touches your shoulder it means he wants to get close to you. If you’re sat down together and he touches your knee then he’s clearly being flirtatious. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what about those guys that are naturally touchy feely with all girls? In that case it’s all about my first point, the eyes. Watch the way he looks at you and compare it to the way he looks at other girls. If he likes you then the way he looks at you will be more intense than with most girls. He’ll also look at you the most!


I hope this helps you avoid confusion when it comes to deciphering body language!