Boy Meets Girl – A Relationship Story (Chapter One)

So you’re single, you meet a guy, the movie and meal dates hopefully ensue, followed beautifully by the spine tingling first kiss.

Finally, comfortable in the acceptance that both of your feelings are mutual, the stage is set for all night phone calls and the gut wrenching “where is this going conversation”.

If you manage to survive this and come out on the other side heart unbroken and ego intact you may be lucky enough to receive those ever so simple and life changing three words “I love you”. Gulp.

So then you find yourself strolling through relationship land where the clouds are made of candy floss and the pavement lined with gold…beware of emotional minefields and traps on your way.

When the sheer addiction of your lover’s company calms down, you can finally eat, you don’t whistle on your way to work and find you can finally untie yourself from your lover’s embrace for more than five minutes at a time. Please realise the love hasn’t faded, you adore, respect and trust this individual but your world doesn’t revolve around him, he is part of your life but not your entire life… this my friend is called a relationship.

Settled, happy and together a relationship is not without its drama or emotional upheaval – “Boy Meets Girl…A Relationship Story” will follow the ups of downs of when you have found your love story but the plot twists keep getting in the way.

Join me next week for a fairytale or nightmare who knows? Oh the joys of the modern relationship…


Chevonne – Dec 7th 2010