Boy Meets Girl…A Relationship Story (Chapter Two)-I’m not a celebrity-get this out of my head

boy meets girl

I consider myself a strong, intelligent young woman. I’m well educated, independent and confident in myself with both my physical and mental attributes. I love and trust my boyfriend and feel I have a healthy relationship with love trust and respect. However, recently I found that every time I heard another celebrity cheating scandal I would ridiculously start to question my own relationship and then ask myself “Do all men cheat? And should I trust a man with my heart?


Some of you may find this absurd and some of you will relate to this. Either way you cannot deny how saturated contemporary media has become with infidelity.


We are immersed in a world of lie detectors and DNA results before you’ve even had your cornflakes, thanks to the discovery of the chat show chav. The people  that agree to appear on such shows may not be classed as a “celebrities” (whatever that means in this day and age), however, the sheer fact they are happy to air their dirty laundry and heartache on national television only reinstates societies fascination and may I sadly say enjoyment in the voyeuristic pleasure of witnessing infidelities and the damage and destruction it leaves behind.


From the everyday man to premiership footballer, musician to actor, unfaithful men’s misdemeanours are documented and feasted upon by the media and society for the sheer purpose of entertainment as no- one really benefits from their exposure apart from the media fat cats and immoral adulteresses who sell their stories.


Recently there was a week where I must of heard at least three married celebrity men were either caught cheating or having an “indiscretion” whatever that means! I called a friend and asked her straight down the line “Do all men cheat? Her response was one also scarred by today’s media and sadly followed my sense of morose as she feared that we now live in a time where marriage and commitment are disposable, love has lost all meaning and women should always keep one eye open when it comes to their partner…I ended up agreeing.


The topic was then raised the following week in a cocktail fuelled meeting of minds with a group of my girlfriends – all strong, independent and intelligent young woman may I say. I contributed my perception of modern commitment and how men have now lost all regard of respect in relationships. I was quickly dealt a much needed realty check by a few wise women.


I had stupidly allowed my once trustworthy and balanced state of mind to give into paranoia and self doubt in regards to relationships and men, just because I read stories about a handful of well known unfaithful men.


These men would be unfaithful if they were builders, cab drivers or administrators whether dating a model or a teacher, living in a mansion or a flat (you get my drift), as that’s their personality, their morals and I cannot let their downfall in life ruin my belief in love and that dream that every girl will meet her prince charming.


I can only use the behaviour of my partner and myself  to measure my level of trust and expectation in my relationship, if a footballer can’t keep it in  his pants and a television presenter wants to send dirty texts that has no connection to my relationship and the male species ability to stay faithful.


So if like me you’ve recently lost your faith in love, commitment and mankind, put down that magazine, turn off that programme and go restore it with the one that you love x


Chevonne – Dec 16th 2010