Casual Relationships: Not for all, but not to be judged

Casual relationships are often things that are frowned upon, but why? Because others wish they could be that liberal, or actually because people are just… well…. stuck up!

Relationships are not things that everyone likes, or wants at this present moment in their life, but fun and excitement is, and if that means a casual relationship with someone, then surely that should be their choice. All too often however, we hear the words s**g or w****r thrown about, all because someone has chosen not to engage in a relationship before they have sex, well I have a secret to let people in on, and this might surprise some, but…. were in the 21st century now.

I think it is a mature thing to admit that you would rather not be tied down to a relationship. What is the alternative, get attached and hurt someone later on down the line. Instead of doing that, someone has been grown up, and admitted that they would rather just be careless and have some fun, and surely if they are doing this safely, and hurting nobody else, then they should be left to this. They shouldn’t have to look over their shoulder every five minutes to see if they are being watched by anyone, or to see if someone is calling them some awful name.

I looked up the term s**g and an online dictionary had two definitions that went as followed:

‘A woman who often engages in casual sex’

‘A Woman (sometimes a man) who has loose morals relating to sex’

When we’re looking at ‘loose morals’ the first question we should be asking is whose morals are they. Clearly there not the persons who have chosen to engage in sex with someone, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. What people are assuming is that we all share the same morals, which we don’t. Were all different, we all have different views, and because someone’s view doesn’t fit your own, it doesn’t mean it is fair to label someone a  s**g.

In the 21st century you would think it’s becoming more and more apparent that sex isn’t just about the creation of life. It’s about having fun, about being able to laugh with someone, it’s about being close to someone. If two people want to do that without any emotional attachment, then they should be allowed, they’re harming nobody else, and they are consenting. Maybe before we label people s**gs and w****rs we should actually think about what harm there actually doing to us, because nine times out of ten, it’s none, we just chose to stick our noses in to other peoples’ business.



Sean Bromley


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