Cheryl To Auction Off Outfits

When going through a personal change there is nothing better than having a spring clean and emptying out your wardrobe. Celebrities are no different and it has just been announced that Cheryl Cole will be auctioning off 20 of her most famous outfits with all the proceeds going to charity.


The charity in question is The Cheryl Cole Foundation which she set up in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust. Online fashion retailer ASOS have teamed up with Cheryl to help auction off her clothes with bidding due to start this Monday. Ten items of clothing will be made available on the website following one new outfit a day for the next ten days. ASOS will be using the ‘lowest unique-bid’ method on each item. Therefore the lowest, unmatched bid will win that item of clothing.


The outfits up for grabs include some of Cheryl’s most recognisable and include many she wore when judging the X-Factor. We can expect the bidding to get out of control so definitly check your bank balance before making an offer.



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