Confessions of a Shopping Addict

ShopaholicThis month I may have gone a little wild with spending (I say this whilst looking down into my empty purse) I forgot that I would actually have to feed myself, so instead of being able to afford my usual lunch at work, it is a homemade pasta salad!


I must have bought six new pairs of shoes with this month’s wages! In addition I found myself glaring at the new makeup additions in MAC, giving into the sales assistant’s smiles and encouragements, I now also have a new bronzer! It is almost like a disease, well, this is what a male friend believes, he himself has seen the effects of shopping first hand as he has five sisters.


Ignoring that I have bills to pay and a belly to feed, I find myself walking into stores, trying on clothes and shoes, then paying at the tills! Once more it is not only me who has caught this shopping disease! My friend recently had the dilemma of not being able to pay her rent due to her over spending, her reaction was quite scary, “Oh my God, I have to return some things, oh, not the shoes!”


While many of us spend so much (to the point where we are on the verge of being homeless or without food in our fridge) we still get into this cycle every month! We ignore the sea of receipts in our purses, the shrinkage of our bank accounts and still find room to spend.


I do not think I will ever get bored with shopping, carrying all those shopping bags knowing I have new clothes to add to my wardrobe. Already I have spotted what I want to buy with next months wages (a bag from Karen Millen’s Tough Romance collection and a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes!)


So instead of trying to resist the urge to shop (I know this will never happen in a million years!) I am going to follow some simple but effective tips that will stop me from becoming so penniless that I will be eating cans of baked beans!


1) Do make a list of what needs to be paid first!

Do not ignore your bills! What must be a priority is paying your house or personal bills before spending what you do not have! Being on the verge of bankruptcy or getting into debt is not fun!


2) Save a little to the side

Instead of spending everything, leaving your bank account empty, save a little money to the side for emergencies as you never know what the month could bring.


3) Keep hold of your receipts!

Sometimes when you get home you realize spending half your wages on a bag was a bad idea! Do not throw away your receipts, not only is it a good idea to keep them in case a fault occurs on an item but you may want to return your purchase after you have had a change of heart!


4) Do not buy what you already have

Buying a similar dress to what you already have or a pair of your tenth black shoes is not the best idea! Buy what is different from what you already have, as you will cherish it more and it will be worth your money!


5) Look out for a sale!

Sales can be a put off, especially when they are a mess and have huge crowds surrounding them but, nevertheless, a bargain can always be found! You may find a bag or pair of shoes for quarter of the price! Your bank account will thank you!


I hope you find these tips helpful, and at least it will prevent many of us eating cans of baked beans with tears rolling down our cheeks!


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  1. Charlene says:

    Great tips! I’m exactly the same, I spend way too much money on clothes! It’s not fair, there are just too many nice clothes to tempt us!