DATE.COM (all other options failed, solution….. internet)

Wouldn’t it be easier if men came in a box?

How about going down to Men R Us, and I mean Men R Us. I’m sure most of us have outgrown Boys R Us.

How about if they were arranged in aisles of tall, dark, handsome, bad boy (we’ve all been there), model or geek, hey whatever floats your boat girls. But you get the picture.

Life would be so much easier. Imagine going to pick up your daily shop or new shoes and you just pop in, have him ordered and delivered on a day that is convenient for you!

Unfortunately I think that would be breaking about every human rights law in the book, so what do we busy women do with no time to flap around looking for our misters, after we have tried the blind dates, met the hot guy at the bar in the day time, what else is left? Well…..

Yes you guessed it ‘’. It seems in this day and age women are running in the same fast lanes as men. With our day to day lives and careers the accepted form of communication is the internet. We use it to send pictures and emails to family and friends abroad and generally keep in touch and in the process of all of that some random sees your picture on your profile, and decides to message you and it all takes off from there, trust me I know.

So what are the highlights of finding your partner on the net?

Well the art of conversation is once again used. To cut a long story short all you can do is talk so finding out whether you like or dislike someone is pretty simple, I’m guessing this works pretty well for those that are a bit shy. With the majority of us being busy all day, all the time, technology plays a major part in keeping in touch. In particular, smart phones make conversations on the go a breeze.

But then this begs the question, if you’re shy and you talk on the net to find a date does that mean you are becoming a social recluse?

The answer to that question should be ‘no’ as long as your not at sitting at your computer twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, even if it can be quite helpful in coming across people that you wouldn’t necessarily meet in your day to day lives.

I have personally used this method twice and let me tell you, Mr X must have lived in Weirdo Central; he was way too shy, looked nothing like his display picture, and hardly looked at me while talking. No prizes for what happened there, we never saw each other again! In comparison Mr Y was talkative, fun, cute and we are still good friends up to this day.

So I guess it’s a lucky dip, you can find good friends, or people that should have big red stop signs with flashing lights warning you they are far from society’s norm.

This is where it gets tricky the internet can be a place to invent all kind of personas, so there is no real way of telling if the person sending you pictures of themselves is who they say they are. I have been fortunate enough to not come across any danger and I ask you to be careful also.

One of the biggest safety tips is to take someone with you, and meet in a public place.  A person with no bad intentions will not mind. Another is to tell someone else when you will be expected back, and make sure you have a phone charged and with credit. And remember no personal details like where you live etc…..

Make sure you do all these things and research more safety tips before ever going to meet anyone you are talking to online. You can have fun on there but like anything there is safety to think about.


Kay – Dec 5th 2010